Mini Bluetooth TV ready for use with a tablet or smartphone


The wireless keyboards are a few accessories useful to complete mobile and portable devices such as smartphones, tablets and computers. The TVisto is a Bluetooth keyboard , so it provides great freedom of movement, as long as it is within the range of ten meters. It is compatible with devices that have Bluetooth of many different operating systems . It can work with Apple products with iOS , such as iPhone or iPad . It can also work perfectly with Android smartphones and tablets .

Being wireless, it can be combined with laptops . Thus, the user can be comfortably seated on the sofa with the keyboard in hand, and leave the computer on the side table, instead of having to keep it on their lap. And the keyboard can work with computers that have Mac OS X installed, but also with computers with Microsoft operating systems such as Windows 7 , Windows Vista, Windows XP and even Windows 2000. By the way, the Bluetooth version of the TVisto is the Class 2 2.0 with HID 1.0.


HID 1.0 (Human Interface Device Profile) is one of the Bluetooth profiles that provides low latency with low power consumption . Thus the commands entered on the keyboard are quickly transmitted to the device with which it is connected. HID 1.0 is present not only in keyboards, but also in mice and joysticks. Bluetooth keyboard has 84 keys and is ultra-slim; It is just over half a centimeter thick. It includes various hotkeys to control audio and multimedia functions, making it convenient for enjoying movies stored on a laptop or tablet on your living room TV. Incorporates a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. It consumes little power: operating it uses less than 5 mA; in standby it consumes 1.2 mA; and off uses less than 0.2 mA. The internal battery is recharged through the USB port with mini connector, which is located in the corner on the left side.

It is suitable for those users who need to enter long texts on their mobile devices or for those who cannot cope with the small size of the keys on virtual touch keyboards. This Bluetooth keyboard has an advantage over radio frequency (RF) keyboards; you do not need to use a dedicated transmitter. Those RF transmitters are usually USB; so with the TVisto it is not necessary to occupy any USB port on the laptop. In addition, the USB connector of these transmitters is usually large (type A), while smartphones and tablets usually have a mini or micro type. It is significantly smaller and thinner than a conventional qwerty keyboard. In reality, it measures 246 millimeters wide by 101.7 millimeters high; and by 6 mm thick. The TVisto Bluetooth keyboard can be found in stores at a retail price of 20 euros .

Bottom photo by Elena Ramos