Firefox OS, features of the new mobile operating system

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Firefox OS is the new competing operating system. The Mobile World Congress 2013 in Barcelona has become the setting for the presentation of this new mobile platform, designed in order to offer more alternatives to the user and compete head-on with other operating systems such as Android or iOS . The first to introduce mobile phones with Firefox OS will be Alcatel One Touch , LG , ZTE and Huawei(although in total there will be six), who have already released - and will do so in the next few hours - some smart devices working with this system. Its main advantages? Operate through a single programming language , offering users a single identity on the Internet to manage their favorite applications from all devices, be they smartphones or tablets. Mozilla has announced that all applications will be programmed through HTML5 , which means making the contents more accessible, as if we could see them as websites in a browser. But these are not the only news and advantages of this newborn.

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One of the main advantages over iOS ( Apple ), Windows Phone and Android (to a certain extent) is that of an open source system, capable of interacting with different applications based on HTML5 , as if everything - absolutely everything - could be developed to through the Internet and ultimately, from the browser. Another positive point, with respect to the other platforms, has to do with the fact that Mozilla has reached an agreement with manufacturers and operators. In the official presentation, Firefox OS already had the support of three manufacturers that will begin to distribute their phones in the summer of 2013 . Is aboutLG Electronics , ZTE and Alcatel One Touch . Qualcomm , the prestigious processor manufacturer, has also made its collaboration official, so that all devices will be presented to the market with a Snapdragon chip on board . Starting next year, just in 2014 , Huawei is expected to be in charge of expanding the catalog of available smartphones , with the possibility that two brands also bet on the project.

Regarding the operators, Telefonica has become one of the main supporters of the platform, displaying the catalog of devices through its brands in European territory and in South America . However, Firefox OS already has the support of 17 other manufacturers, among which are: América Móvil, China Unicom, Deutsche Telekom, Etisalat, Hutchison Three Group, KDDI, KT, MegaFon, QTel, SingTel, Smart, Sprint, Telecom Italia, Telenor, Telstra, TMN and VimpelCom. The first Alcatel, LG and ZTE devices are expected to arrive at the hands of these operators from the second half of the year and in Spain they will do so withTelephone . Along with our country, they will also be received by Brazil, Colombia, Hungary, Mexico, Montenegro, Poland, Serbia and Venezuela. The widest rollout will occur in 2014 with the introduction of new smartphones in Europe, North America and Asia .

And speaking of operators, Firefox OS will have its own application store that will not accept card payments. Users can easily purchase the programs they want and pay their cost through the monthly invoice sent by their operator . This is, without a doubt, what has favored the involvement of telephone companies in the project. This is a detail that will differentiate Firefox OS from the Apple and Google platforms , with payment systems that work separately and that tend to stop the purchase of many applications that would otherwise have been shipped. The first developer companies to bet on Firefox OS will beEA Games or Disney , in addition to the main social networks ( Facebook or Twitter ), among many others that will be playing from now on.

The Alcatel company has already presented some devices such as the Alcatel One Touch Idol X or the Alcatel One Touch Fire . The ZTE company will unveil the new ZTE Open this afternoon and LG could present itself with some interesting surprises. We will continue to inform.