How to Google by file type

How to search by file types in Google

Google is the most used search engine in the world . Its reduced interface has become the most popular Internet gateway for many years (although Facebook is emerging as a serious threat to its reign in recent times, and has even already surpassed it in visits). Despite its simplicity, the Google search engine hides some tricks that can be very useful and reduce search times to find specific files.

One of the advantages that the Google search engine has is the utility of the toolbars that are to the left of the search box. Options that allow you to search for images, books, or videos. However, there are some specific file types that are left out of these tools or that are mixed with other similar formats . Therefore, the ability to perform searches that are focused on a single file type can be very useful .

Trick for the Google search engine

To do this, simply add the command "filetype: ..." at the end of the search we have carried out, where the ellipsis are the extension of the file we are looking for. All this will be clearer in an example. Imagine you are looking for a Powerpoint presentation about the state of the economy in 2011. We type “economic situation 2011” in the search box and then we add “filetype: pps”. In this way it will only search for files that have this ending.

The same thing happens if we want to find a document with this topic, we write "economic situation 2011 filetype: doc" or "economic situation 2011 filetype: docx". We can try other types of files such as PDF documents , AVI videos or even MP3 sound files and SWF flash presentations . This trick also works if you type in the address bar of Chrome or Firefox (as long as Google's search engine is the default). In short, a simple trick that can be very useful and that does not involve much mystery, but that will save precious time when we search for a certain file.