How to know if I can see HbbTV channels on my TV

How to know if I can see HbbTV channels on my TV

The arrival of the LOVEStv platform has made many users wonder if their television is compatible with this service. It works with HbbTV technology, so any television that includes it will be able to use the service. Fortunately, even now when the most publicity is being given, this technology has been around for a long time. That is to say, even if we have an old television we can use the HbbTV system. We are going to help you check whether or not you can use HbbTV on your television .

HbbTV (Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV) is a hybrid television project that seeks to combine television broadcasts with broadband services . We should not confuse it with the Smart TV system that current televisions include. They are different things. The operating systems included in Smart TVs are proprietary to each manufacturer. Also, these work through apps.

The HbbTV system does not depend on the Smart TV platform , it is a common standard. Although it requires an Internet connection, it does not work with applications. It is the television networks themselves that set the options available in each system. The most interesting, without a doubt, being able to see content on demand. In addition, it is operated via the colored buttons on the remote control and the arrows. That is, if you have a remote control with a pointer, like LG's Magic Remote, you won't be able to manage its menus by pointing the remote.

As we said, the HbbTV system has an Internet connection as a basic requirement . We can have a television with a very old-fashioned Smart TV system, but it must at least have a web connection. If our television does not have an Internet connection, we cannot use HbbTV.

What televisions are compatible with the HbbTV system?

how to know if my TV supports HbbTV models

The HbbTV system has been with us since 2012 , so it is very difficult to make a list of all the compatible televisions on the market. However, on the RTVE page we can find some clues to find out if our television is compatible or not.

In broad terms, here is a small guide:

  • Samsung : models from series 5 onwards. List of compatible models.
  • LG : models from series 5 onwards. List of compatible models.
  • Sony : BRAVIA W6 to X9 series and EX550 and 650, HX750, 850 and 950 and X9005. List of compatible models.
  • Philips : Most 5000 to 9000 Series TVs produced in 2012-2013 onwards. List of compatible models.
  • Panasonic : any TV in the SmartViera range with an Internet connection. List of compatible models.
  • Toshiba : from the L4 series and the ZL, WL, VL, TL and RL ranges.
  • Hisense : Smart TV
  • Other brands : Vestel, Grundig, Loewe, Televes.

In general, any TV released from 2012-2013 with an internet connection has many options of being HbbTV compatible . What is the best way to find out? Connect our TV to the Internet and test if it works.

At the moment the LOVEStv system still does not work . Although it was officially launched on June 14, to this day it still does not work. The Atresmedia group has already warned that it would take a while to have it available. And in Mediaset it worked for a few hours but then it stopped working.

So the only way we have to check right now if our television is compatible with HbbTV is to go to RTVE channels . When entering La 1 or Clan TV, for example, a message will appear indicating that by pressing the red button on the remote we have several options available. If so, our TV is HbbTV compatible.