The funniest Easter memes to overcome the confinement


This year we celebrate Easter in a different way. All citizens have to stay at home to avoid the spread of Covid-19, and the different festivals and events, such as Easter, have been suspended or postponed. However, the ingenuity of the users can make these days more fun to overcome the confinement. Here we show you the best Easter memes to share on WhatsApp or social networks. 

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The Last Supper is something different this year


This year, the Last Supper is done via streaming . Like events and presentations. The law does not allow physical meetings, and everyone must be at home. The way to communicate is through video call.

The first plan did not end well


And it is that before making the videoconference for the last supper, they tried to meet as a group . A neighbor reported to the Police after hearing a lot of noise in one of the rooms . The thing did not end well.

But nothing good ...


Before the police arrived, dinner had started. The people behind already knew what was going to happen . And it is that they barely keep the meter away. Of course, the funeral will be a lot of fun.

Holy Week?

Easter, or shit week?

- Miguel Mateu Sanz (@mateu_sanz) April 5, 2020

It is clear that this week we have to spend it at home. And the following week. Maybe the next one too.

Guess your plan for this week


Not sure where to go on vacation? Play this fun game and see what your destiny will be this Easter. Maybe it's your turn to be home. Or, with a little luck, be home.

Who said you can't celebrate Holy Week

Do you think you've seen it all and your neighbors come out onto the balcony with a giant virgin and mount a static procession

- Clara Gómez (@claragmiro) April 3, 2020

Yes, the confinement due to the coronavirus means that we cannot celebrate Easter as usual. But you have to put some imagination into it . These citizens have brought a giant virgin to the balcony. If you can't go to Easter, make Easter sell to you.

How to attend the processions

The funniest Easter memes to overcome the confinement 1

This year we have also been without attending the processions. Again, ingenuity wins. Someone has made a Russian salad imitating the processions of Holy Week. You can make it at home yourself.

Decision matter


Didn't the game from before help you decide where you are going to spend this Easter? Good weather is coming, so maybe you can spend it on the balcony.

Easter in 2020


During the last few weeks, many people complained about how boring their birthday was going to be in March, without being able to leave the house or celebrate it with their friends. Imagine the people who meet it in April: without birthdays, without Easter, without leaving home ...

Change your plans, because you will not be able to leave home


Time to change plans. Why go to Paris when you can go see how the laundry is? Stay home and enjoy Easter with these memes. Soon you will have time to travel.