46-inch Sony Bravia W9

sony kdl-46w905

A TV for demanding fans . The SonyKDL-46W905A or Sony Bravia W9 46 ” ( 117 centimeters diagonal) is one of the large screens of the Japanese firm for 2013 . A living room LED TV that stands out for its exquisite design, image quality and menus as fast as they are full of advanced services . Special mention deserves its instant connection system with the mobile or the deep and spectacular sound it offers.

In terms of design , it is worth highlighting its “Sense of Quartz” texture , characterized by a narrow frame and soft-touch surfaces. The edges recall the shapes of cut crystals. The screen would seem to be floating in the air, if it weren't for its chrome ring-shaped foot.

This Sony KDL-46W905 is powered by an LCD panel with side LED lighting and local zone control. A 3D TV with active glasses that offers vivid and true colors . Stunning images powered by the X-Reality PRO image engine and the Triluminos display , capable of displaying vivid , yet natural colors .

The 46 ”™” ™ Bravia W9 is a smart connected TV with Wi-Fi and Ethernet . And the connectivity is really complete, especially in everything related to smartphones and tablets. Thanks to the One-Touch NFC systems and the MHL connection , all you have to do is touch the remote control on your mobile or tablet to view videos, images or applications on the big screen of the living room . This is possible because one of the included controls works with NFC (Near Fields Communication) technology. Of course, for everything to work, the mobile or tablet we use, must also include this advance (today available in the latest Sony models). Regarding sound, the problem that manufacturers of today's very slim liquid crystal TVs have is to put speakers that provide body and a certain quality in bass. Sony engineers bridge this stumbling block in the W9 with its ingenious "long-duct speaker" system . Drivers that deliver exceptional full-bodied sound that enhances the cinematic experience in action scenes .

Within the Sony Bravia W9 family , today we will talk about this 46-inch TV , but the Japanese firm also offers 55 and 40-inch models with similar characteristics. In addition, it must be said that, above this very high quality W9 range , Sony proposes its famous 4K screens . Specifically, the Sony KD-84X9005 model offers 4 times the definition of Full HD televisions . With a resolution of 3840 x 2160 (8 million pixels)This large cinema screen shows us details in the comfort of the living room, which we only discover in movie theaters. Logically, this stratospheric resolution screen is a Sony boast within the reach of very few hobbyists, while the 46 ”™” ™ W9-series TV that we review here can be considered the  top-of-the-range model for very hobbyists. demanding , but deadly and with a finite budget.

Next, we analyze step by step , what we find in this large living room screen “made in Sony” .

sony kdl-46w905


The in-house engineers have taken great care of the appearance of the  Sony KDL-46W905A . It is part of the “ Sense of Quartz ” design that the Japanese brand has just released for this year. It is a very thin screen that measures 3.7 centimeters in the thinnest areas and  6.1 centimeters deep in the thickest. A narrow black frame of just one centimeter around the screen. Both the finish of the surfaces and the lines of the forms try to resemble faceted quartz crystals, referred to by the design name. The shade rests on a chrome-finished, ring-shaped base. That base can turn fifteen degrees to the left or right. The general impression, especially when the TV is on, is that the screen floats in the air.

sony kdl-46w905


The  46 - inch TV from the W9 series of Sony includes the latest advances in the field of brand image. This is the case of technology Triluminos aimed at displaying colors bright while realistic, with skin tones look natural. It manages to reproduce a color palette where the blues take on a more realistic appearance, while the greens and reds are more intense. It also has an X-Reality PRO image engine that handles any source wonderfully, including low-quality sources such as Internet videos. This, coupled with Motionflow XR technology that works at 800 Hz, makes faster movement sequences clear and smooth.

The LCD panel  is backlit with LEDs placed on the edges. The brightness control is local and by zones. It offers a resolution of 1,920 by 1,080 pixels and a viewing angle of 178 degrees, both horizontally and vertically. Also, this wide-screen (16: 9) can display stereoscopic three-dimensional images using the active 3D system , for which it requires  3D shutter glasses (four are included in the package). Each eye receives a Full HD image. By the way, the supplied glasses are compatible with SimulView , which allows two players to play the same game in full screen at the same time.

sony kdl-46w905

Big sound without a soundbar

The  Sony KDL-46W905A also incorporates the most recent advances of the Japanese manufacturer in the chapter of sound. It is a new design of long-duct loudspeakers whose mission is to improve the response of the bass and achieve more resounding dialogue and sound effects. This is completed by a newly renovated Clear Phase processor that ensures that the sound is balanced across the entire frequency range. The output power of the amplifier audio S-Master i NTEGRATED is 2 10 W .

Menus and connections

The TV menu is well designed. Sony has ditched its old user interface to include a more attractive platform with thumbnails, animations, and sleeker typography . In the end, a very fast and easy to understand system.

On the other hand, we can access the Internet and home networks both by Ethernet and wirelessly via Wi-Fi . This  connected TV can access all the content and services available over the Internet through the Sony Entertainment Network platform , although the user can also freely browse the entire web. You can stream movies, music and photos from a computer or any DLNA compatible device . If an optional webcam is installed , it enables Skype video calls .

sony kdl-46w905


It is increasingly common for users to want to see the contents of their smartphone or tablet on the big screen in the living room. That's why the Sony KDL-46W905A TV aims to make that task easier. Hence, it offers features such as One-Touch NFC mirroring , which is used to view videos, photos and smartphone applications on the TV screen. It is very easy, because you just have to touch the remote control of the TV with your smartphone or tablet. Of course, the mobile device needs to have NFC (Near Field Communications) near field communications technology .

There is another way to view the contents of a mobile device on the TV screen, what manufacturers call screen mirroring (screen mirroring). It is through the MHL (Mobile High-definition Link) connection, which requires the use of a special cable to communicate the compatible smartphone or tablet with the TV. Another interesting feature is TV SideView , which is used to use the smartphone as a remote control (previously installing an application) and to get more information about the program that the viewer is watching at that moment.

As for the rest of the connectivity, it has four HDMI inputs , a scart, component video / composite video, an optical digital audio output, two analog audio inputs, an audio output, a headphone output, three USB 2.0 ports and a common interface slot (CI), valid for pay DTT. By the way, the USB ports are suitable for playing multimedia content from portable hard drives and memory keys.

Data sheet

PanelLCD with LED backlight and local control
Screen diagonal46 inches (117 centimeters)
ResolutionFull HD (1080p)
3DActive Full HD 3D
ImageX-Reality PRO

Motionflow XR 800 Hz

SoundDolby Digital

Dolby Digital Plus

Dolby Pulse

S-Force Front Surround 3D

SpeakersOutput power: 2 by 10 watts
Connectivity4 HDMI


Component video combined with composite video

2 analog audio inputs

Optical digital audio output

Audio output

Headphone out

3 USB 2.0

Common interface (CI) slot





Target priceSony KDL-46W905A: 2,000 euros
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