Packard Bell EasyNote TE, an affordable notebook

EasyNote TE

When we talk about computers we must take into account many factors such as the processor, memory, hard disk etc. But many times you have to ask yourself a fundamental question: What do I need? The salespeople in the stores usually charge commission, and they tend to try to convince us that we need the most powerful computer and above all, the most expensive. The Packard Bell EasyNote costs you 400 euros. Now we are going to see what things cannot be done with this computer and if with one of twice the price.

It has a 1.4 GHz AMD E1-1200 dual-core  processor. It is a fairly discreet processor these days, and most computers sold have more power. This does not mean that it is a bad processor. It is enough power to carry out the most common actions that we carry out with a laptop . We should have no problem to surf the Internet , check email, edit office documents or watch videos . That is, enough power for the use that almost all users do.

Packard bell

It has 4 GB of RAM memory, as well as an AMD Radeon HD 7310 graphics card. They are not powerful values ​​either, so we can fall short in certain situations . The most cutting edge video games on the market will run slow or will directly need higher minimums to work. If we are not interested in the latest titles, we should not have any problems either.

It has a 15.4-inch monitor with a resolution of  1366 - 768 pixels. With this screen size and resolution it can be adequate to view movies or series with a certain quality. Another interesting detail is the inclusion of a USB 3.0 port . This new technology provides a much higher data transfer speed than the previous one.

 EasyNote TE

Its design is somewhat rough, but comfortable. It has an expanded keyboard, that is, the one that also has the numbers on the right. Its large dimensions make it more suitable for domestic use than for carrying it around all day.

It has a 750 GB hard drive. It is a fairly acceptable value. To get an approximate idea, in this storage volume we could store 10,000 hours of music in mp3 format, or 1,000 hours of video in medium quality format . It is more than enough for the day to day, but if we are fans of downloads it will be better to get an external hard drive.

 EasyNote TE

The Packard Bell Easynote TE will go on sale in Spain on July 14. It is not the most cutting edge on the market by any means, but it is very reasonably priced with respect to the features it offers. If we are not lovers of video games, nor are we thinking of using professional audiovisual editing programs, it is enough equipment.