How does Spotify work on Facebook?

How does Spotify work on Facebook?  one

It is now possible to have Spotify integrated into Facebook . One of the most popular systems for listening to music on the Internet is made more social with the help of Mark Zuckerberg's portal , which expands the possibilities of sharing, suggesting and listening to music through the Facebook interface.

The Spotify experience on Facebook begins in a small tab located in the left column on the main screen of the social network . In the section dedicated to applications we will see a new option called Music . Once we enter there, we will notice a battery of song and artist suggestions that the system will take the liberty of recommending us based on our possible tastes (although it may fail more than a fairground shotgun ).

How does Spotify work on Facebook?  two

Along with each recommendation , a little button allows you to play the songs , at which time Facebook will take the opportunity to link our profile with the user we use on Spotify . It will do this by launching the Spotify application to the foreground (in case we have it previously open ) or directly by starting it on our computer .

If we did not have Spotify installed on your computer , podríamo s start downloading directly from the same window of Facebook (which would require entering user data in our system music streaming , if we were already registered , up creating one new profile ).

How does Spotify work on Facebook?  3

With this, we would have already found the first discovery of the Spotify-Facebook alliance : the integration does not imply that the social network adds an embedded player to its options , but rather that the Music application depends on the classic access to Spotify under the conditions that it company already offers for its clients through various formulas.

Once we start using it, and after having linked it as we say, all the tracks that we are playing on Spotify will appear in our Facebook timeline . And not only that. In addition, the songs that we are reflecting in the profile will come with the launcher that will allow our contacts to listen to the same things that we are playing through the music application .

How does Spotify work on Facebook?  4

Another way to share Spotify music with our contacts and integrate it into our Facebook profile is to go to the playback program application and click on a small icon located just to the left of the name of the song that we want to send to the social network .

It is true that the integration in this case can also be done with Twitter and MSN Messenger (as well as with other users of the social section of Spotify ). But in the case of Facebook , we will verify that we can control the playback of the track from our profile on the social network , being linked the control of play and pause of Spotify with the one we see on our wall .