How to clean your Gmail account in a few steps

How to clean your Gmail account in a few steps

If you usually use Gmail for everything, or for almost everything, chances are that you will soon find yourself overwhelmed . Many times, the most practical thing is to use a single email account that works for everything: for work and for personal matters.

At first you may try to keep your mail up to date. Be careful when discarding and deleting messages.  In short, trying to classify them instantly. But sometimes this is not enough.

Because if you have a lot of work, chances are you will eventually give up. And you end up without reading a large part of the messages you have in the tray. Or you just don't remember to delete them in time . If you accumulate a lot of messages, the number of free GB you have with Gmail will probably also be reduced.

To begin with, it is 15 GB, but if you also use Drive to save photos, documents and files of different kinds, it is most likely that you will soon run out of space . And you may even have to hire extra GB.

But don't worry, this is not the end of the world. There is a tool called CleanEmail that can help you solve this problem . And in a much more practical and simple way. Do you want to know how to use it? Keep reading the tips we provide below.

clean your Gmail account

How to clean your Gmail account

If you want to start cleaning your Gmail account , you have to get to work with this tool. Follow the steps that we propose below:


1. Access the CleanEmail page. We are going to offer you instructions to organize the email messages of your Gmail account , but you should know that CleanEmail also offers you the opportunity to manage your messages in iCloud, Yahoo !, Outlook, FastMail and IMAP.

2. Choose the account that interests you. Next, the system will ask you to enter your user data . We are talking about the username and the access password. Choose Sign It With Google.

3. The system will ask you for permission to Read, send, delete and manage your email . All you have to do, of course, is press the Allow button.

gmail analysis

4. Next, what this system will do is perform a thorough analysis of all your email. Keep in mind that this process may take a while , especially if you are one of those who have a full mailbox.

The system will analyze the headers of your emails, the senders, recipients, dates, the size of the emails and other important data. All this data will be downloaded using a secure connection. And they will be deleted after 24 hours , after you have logged out.

quick clean

5. Be patient and wait for the process to finish. Already finished? Well then, click on the QuickClean section. Here you can see the volume of messages you have in your mailbox, but classified by subject. For example, you can see how many messages you have older than two years. The messages that belonged to events that have already expired, notifications on social networks, etc.

As you can see, these are messages that are almost impossible to categorize with this level of detail manually. Or through Gmail filters.

gmail cleaning

6. Next, you will only have to display the tab to indicate to CleanEmail the action you want to carry out. You can choose if you want to archive these contents, although if you are clear that you want to empty your email account anyway, the most logical thing will be that you click on Move To Trash (Move to Trash) or Remove.

If you want to automate the operation of CleanEmail or delete even more mail, it would be interesting if you switched to the paid version of the tool. We recommend it if you need to carry out cleaning tasks often. Both in Gmail and in any other mailbox.