WD SmartWare Pro, a backup program that integrates with Dropbox

Western Digital Smartware Pro

WD SmartWare Pro is a program for making backup copies that is designed to be able to configure the automatic saving of our documents, images and personal files in a few steps . Thanks to an intuitive interface and a way to automatically identify important files, the backup process becomes a process. WD SmartWare Pro works both through one of the WD storage solutions (such as the WD My Book Live Duo ) and with external hard drives or even directly through the cloud. Specifically, the program is capable of making backup copies directly through our Dropbox account. This solution is now available for a limited time at an introductory price of 20 euros for 3 computers (normal price is 30 euros).

One of the most noteworthy aspects of this program is its ease of use. The backup configuration is done with just a few clicks and can be changed at any time according to our needs. There are two main ways to back up. The first one is called “continuous backup”. In this case, the backup is done in the background every time the user adds a new file or modifies an existing file. The second option is “scheduled backup” . As the name itself indicates, the copies of the files are made as often as we have established (you can choose to make a copy every hour, every day or every week).

WD SmartWare Pro

Another option that must be configured is whether we want to use the identification of files by categories or manually choose the folders that we want to include in the backup. In the first case, the program automatically detects the most common types of files that usually contain important information, including documents, images, videos and music. In the same window we can see the space that each of these blocks occupies and we can also choose the types of file that we want to save. The second option shows us a menu with all the folders and we will have to manually choose the files we want to save.

As we said before, backups can be made to an external hard drive, to a NAS storage system (a hard drive that connects to the network) or directly to the cloud through the Dropbox storage service . To upload the backup copies to the network, the program will ask us to connect to our Dropbox account and then we must grant permission for the program to access it. Within the SmartWare Pro configuration tab , we will be able to establish the number of copies that are kept of the previous versions of the files. The maximum is 25 different versions. Without a doubt, it is a very interesting option to keep our important data safe and to be able to restore the data in case of disaster.

The introductory sale price of the WD SmartWare Pro is 20 euros for a license for three computers and 40 euros for 10 computers. The usual prices will be 30 euros for three computers and 50 euros for ten computers. Users who want to try this program may use a trial version for 30 days .

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