How to record what happens on the computer screen


Being able to record the computer screen can be really interesting. It can serve us, for example, to make video tutorials of something we want to teach the world and post them on the net. We can even record a video that we are watching in streaming to be able to play it later without an internet connection. Today we want to talk to you about Aiseesoft Screen Recorder , a software that makes the task of recording our computer screen really easy. We are going to review its most important features and how it works.

Aiseesoft Screen Recorder is an application for Windows that will allow us to record what is happening on our computer screen. But the most interesting thing is that it not only allows us to save the desktop, but it also allows us to record video and music with the best quality. As a basic function, we can  record the computer screen and capture audio from the microphone to create tutorial videos. To support this function, the application allows the mouse cursor to be highlighted , thus giving our recording a more professional appearance.

But in addition to recording what happens on the computer screen,  Aiseesoft Screen Recorder allows us to save any video or audio that we are playing in streaming through the computer. That is, we can save a chapter of a series that we are watching from Netflix or a song that we are listening to on Spotify . It also allows us to record video game games and even capture videos from the webcam , thus being able to save the videoconferences that we make through the PC.


The program allows us to record full screen or customize the recording area. In order for the videos generated to have a good quality, Aiseesoft Screen Recorder has HD encoding technology in real time , thus being able to save our videos with HD quality . The application also allows you to record the audio that is played on the computer, both from the speakers and from the microphone . You can even record the audio played by streaming shows like Spotify or Pandora .

Using the program is really simple. Once we have downloaded and installed the application, when we execute it we will see a black bar that offers us the options that Aiseesoft Screen Recorder incorporates  . The first thing we will have to do is adjust the recording area . We can tell you to record full screen or customize the screen space we want to record. On the other hand, we also have to configure if we want it to record the audio from the speakers, the audio from the microphone or both at the same time. For example, if we are recording a video conference we will need to record the system's audio and also the microphone's. But if we are recording a Netflix series, we would only enable the system audio, since if we leave the microphone audio recording enabled, noise could leak. Finally, we can also schedule the end of the recording , in case we are not going to be in front of the computer to stop it.


Once all the options have been selected, if we are going to record the desktop, we will simply press the REC button and the program will start recording. If we are going to record from a streaming service such as Netflix , we will have to first launch the application and the video that we want to record and then press the REC button . When we want to finish the recording, we will simply press the Stop button and the application will give us the possibility to save the generated video in WMV format .

Aiseesoft Screen Recorder is priced at 26 euros and is compatible with  Windows 10 , Windows 8.1 , Windows 8 , Windows 7 and Windows Vista .