Iberia does not work check in

So is. The online check-in of the Iberia website has stopped working. Far from being a one-off fall, the truth is that the portal has stopped working since early in the morning . And it is that although the website works normally, the page destined to check in the tickets does not allow the usual process to be carried out to register for the flight. From tuexperto.com we have tried to contact the company through its official Twitter account. At the moment we have not received any response.

The Iberia website does not allow online check-in: no solution for the moment

Dozens of users are joining the complaints towards the Spanish airline at this very moment. Apparently, the Iberia website server does not allow flights to be checked in through the page that the website has enabled for this, a process that must be carried out 24 hours prior to flight departure .

Iberia check in online

The message displayed by the web reads the following:

“We have problems with your request. Please try again. "

This same problem carries over to the mobile app for Android and iOS . The application in question is limited to displaying the following message:

“We have not gotten a response from our servers. Please try again. "

As we anticipated at the beginning of the entry, it is not an isolated problem , but it is transferred to all the requests made from both platforms. The only feasible solution, in the absence of an official response from the company, is to check in through the different machines that are enabled at airports for this. At the moment there are dozens of complaints on Twitter and Facebook, as we can see below.

@Iberia it is not possible to check-in online in the App or on the web. Can you help ?. pic.twitter.com/KZzSoShvQS

- Daniel Julián Ferrer (@djferrermo) February 10, 2020



The tuexperto.com editorial team has contacted Iberia through their official profiles, although we have not received a response. We do not know if the company is aware of the problem, so we do not know if it will be resolved in the next few hours , especially when this process only has a 24-hour margin.

@Iberia There is no way to check-in on the web. How can I solve that? pic.twitter.com/azbpPKbRJ3

- Juan Carlos Broncano (@juancarlosbro) February 10, 2020

We will update the article with the information that Iberia gives us. At the moment nothing seems to change, at least in the next few hours.