How to manage the devices and services that use your Google account

How to manage the devices and services that use your Google account

Today we use the Google account for everything, to send or receive emails, download applications from the Play Store, create accounts in different services or configure devices. And there is no doubt that the Google account has become an indispensable tool to have everything under controland synchronized with any application, but we use the account so much that you may have lost track of how many applications you have allowed access to, or how many services you have used. Even on which device you logged in. How could it be otherwise, Google allows you to control and manage all these sections. For security and to have a good control of your account. Next, we will tell you how you can manage everything from one place.

Google account

Google has a specific website to control absolutely everything on your account. From ”˜” ™ My Account ”™” ™, we can keep track of the devices where we have logged in, view and manage Google activity and configure different options. But we go by steps. As soon as you enter the web, three boxes will appear with different categories.

Login and security

From this section, we can control and manage our Google account start. That is, edit and view information about the last login etc. It consists of several sections. First, it allows us to see account login information, as well as the ability to edit some parameters. The second option is very important, it allows us to see and modify the devices that have and have had access to our Google account. If we click, a table will appear with recently used devices, there we can see all the devices with our Google account, model, last use and other data. It allows us to remove the device from the list, and make all our data registered in the. It also allows us to search for it in case of loss. In this way, we can not only know if someone has had access to our account, but we can also configure or delete it.

Control devices

Another category that we find in that section is the application registry. All the apps that have had access to your account will appear and it will give us information such as the access they have and the date of authorization . In this case, we can withdraw access if we find any malicious or strange applications. Although we uninstall it, it is best to remove any type of access.

Personal information and privacy

In this section we can see edit everything related to our Google account. We will see all our personal information, telephone number, date of birth, etc. Everything we put in when creating our account.

How to manage the devices and services that use your Google account 1

The second option that this section shows us is the possibility of managing the activity of your Google account . Google keeps a history of use in order to improve the user experience when using its services, and of course, we can edit this. We can deactivate different options, such as allowing you to save our browsing history, location history, information about your services on your device, etc. We can do all this in Google applications, but in this way we can have control of all services at the same time.

This section is the ”˜Big Brother” ™ of Google. It's called my activity, and we can see absolutely everything we've done before. It gives us details of where we have entered, what application we have visited, what we have searched for. Here we also send, and we can edit it and delete the data we want.

Another section. Here we find the ad configuration option . This section is used so that the advertising content of Google Adsense adapts to our needs. Google will automatically show us ads related to our searches and interests. But, we can edit all this from this section. Select which category of ads we want to see more, the topics you like, the ones you don't, etc. Everything to get a better experience and a better result.

Google trust person

Finally, a very interesting category, called ”˜Control your content” ™. It allows us to create a backup copy of our files and accesses . In addition to adding a trusted person. Yes, that person who can save all your data if you stop using your account.

Account preferences

This is no less important; account preferences. The technical settings of your Google account. Here we can manage some settings, such as the default language, storage options etc.

Control Google payments

First, we find the category ”˜” ™ Payments ”™” ™. Here we can see and manage our payments with Google , as well as our linked accounts or cards. Yes, we can also edit or delete them. The second category is for choosing the language and writing style for your Google account. In addition to being able to configure different accessibility options. Another category is Google Drive storage. We can see the storage we have in Drive, as well as expand the space. And finally, the category of deleting your account or other services. It consists of two options; In one option, all the data of your services are deleted: YouTube subscriptions, emails, etc. You will not leave any trace. The other, completely delete your Google account.

Delete Google account

This is all we can do with the option of my Google account, what is called, a complete management of your account. Possibly you have entered some of these options separately, but Google keeps them together on this website, which without a doubt, should be in your bookmarks.