How to contact Amazon to claim a bad order


It is not very common that it happens, but when it does, it is convenient to get down to work immediately. We are talking about claiming an order from Amazon if it arrives in poor condition. As you well know, in the online shopping giant you can buy practically what you want. It doesn't matter the nature of the item you want. If you insist on acquiring them, chances are that you will receive them in just one day and all in the same box.

Thus, it is likely that a box of cookies, infant milk for a baby or a shampoo will arrive inside the package. If you bought it on the same day and it is ready for a single order, you will get it in the same box . The problem is whether any of these products is in poor condition. If it is not packaged properly or has been placed in the wrong position, the result can be disastrous.

But it is a specific issue and as such it should be claimed. It has happened to us, for example, with a bottle of shampoo . It was properly protected with bubble wrap, but probably the heat and an unfortunate position have caused it to almost completely spread inside its packaging. What to do in these cases? Well, the most direct: contact Amazon and claim.


Call Amazon to file a claim

You may have looked all over the place for Amazon's customer service number and couldn't find it. Do not worry. It is true that Amazon makes it somewhat difficult for us to contact them. But there is a nimble and fast way. Follow these instructions:

1. Access your Amazon user account, entering your username and password. If you have already logged in, go directly to the Customer Service section.

2. Next, you will see the list of all the orders made lately. The order you want to claim is most likely the most recent, so you don't have to search too far. At the bottom, within the Tell us more area , choose the reason why you want to contact Amazon. You can select different options, but yours is Problems with an order or product> The product is damaged or incorrect.


3. Automatically, a form will appear for you to formalize a return. You can do it as indicated, but you also have the option of contacting by phone . Scroll to the bottom of the screen with the mouse.

4. Click on the yellow Telephone button. You will not have to dial any number. In less than a minute (a little longer if it is a time when the lines are more saturated) you will receive a call , probably from a number from London. You can take it without problems, it is completely free.

Request a refund or return

The most normal thing is that, in case of being in poor condition or not working, you can return the item according to the usual procedure. Usually it has to be delivered to an authorized establishment, but… what happens with those items that cannot be returned? Sometimes there are items like damaged groceries, broken glassware, or spilled liquids that don't make much sense to send back . What they usually propose to you from Amazon, in that case, is the following:

  • Make a replacement of the product , at no cost on your part. They will send it back to you in a new package.
  • Make the refund of the amount of the product , which you will receive to your account in the next few days.

Indicate the option that suits you best and the agent who attends you on the other end of the phone will manage it. You will receive an email with all the information about what happened and the resolution of the incident, as well as a brief satisfaction survey that you will be asked to answer. Thus, the problem should have been solved.