How to add a new place on Google Maps

How to add a new place on Google Maps

Google Maps is a very well-nourished tool. For years we have been using this application to locate interesting places on the map. We also use it often to create routes and follow them with our vehicles, in order to arrive on time and without losses.

And although Google Maps is currently a very updated and comprehensive tool , there are always places to add. And things to update. For example, a new business may have been opened. And that is not yet on the map.

Well, you should know that Google Maps offers us the possibility of adding them in very few steps . It does not matter whether or not we own the store, restaurant or private establishment that we want to include. Logically, it is also possible to make indications of their own accord about public places: squares, enclosures and any other space that we consider of interest.

Do you know how to add a new place to Google Maps?

If you want to add a new place to Google Maps, we recommend that you follow these steps:

1. First, you will need to access the  tool itself . You can do it both through the web, and from your mobile device. If you choose the first, click directly here. It will always be more comfortable for you.

2. Once inside, find the place on the map . You just have to write the name of the city or area in which you want to locate that new place. The system will allow you to get as close as you need to the place, so that you can see the building and locate it strictly.

google maps

3. If you have doubts (sometimes it is difficult to find your way around a map of this type), you can use Street View . Drag the yellow doll, located on the far right of the screen, to the place in question. And watch. Is that the building you were looking for? Is there the new place you want to add?

4. Return to the map by clicking on the close icon. It's located at the top right of the screen. The next thing you have to do is enter information about the new place. At the bottom of the map, you will see a series of options in small print. Right next to the yellow doll, click on the Send comments option .

edit map

5. Now a menu will be activated (big, don't worry) with different options. Click Add a missing site . You can include a new or unincorporated company, local business, or landmark on the map.

6. The next thing will be to add the site in question. To do this, logically, you will have to incorporate the missing data : name, address, category, telephone, website and hours. If you are also the owner of the company, you can claim it from Google. And register it in Google Business.

How to add a new place in Google Maps 1

7. If the company is not yours, but you want to add the place, enter the information you know and click on the blue Send button . Keep in mind that the mandatory data are the name, the address and the category. The rest, if you don't know them, you can do without.

Note that…

Once the form is submitted, Google Maps will have to review the request . This means the new place or establishment that you have added will not appear on the map right after you have entered it. Of course, right after submitting the request, you will receive an email with a summary of what you have done.

google maps

In the email, Google thanks you for adding a new site to Google Maps . It also tells you that the request is being reviewed, so it won't appear on the map yet. It may take a while for the site to appear.

In any case, Google will also notify you of the changes as soon as they have been made . If you want to know how your application is, you can also go to the Your contributions section. There you will see the processes you have pending and you will also be able to see a summary of all your activity, both adding sites and giving opinions about places.