How to send an animated GIF through WhatsApp Web

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GIFS are life. Who doesn't like to get one of those endless moving images for a good laugh? Tools like WhatsApp have offered users the ability to send GIFs from their mobile phones, which until recently was not technically possible. For some time now, there is already the option of sending these images via mobile, but the truth is that this option is not directly available through WhatsApp Web . In case you did not know it or have never used it, you should know that WhatsApp Web is a tool that synchronizes directly with our WhatsApp accounton mobile, but that allows you to send messages and files from the browser. It is, in short, a fantastic option for when we are working from the computer and we do not want to waste time answering WhatsApp from the mobile. If you are also more agile typing from the keyboard of your computer, soon you will not be able to live without WhatsApp Web .

But what if we want to send GIFs? What do we do while this option is not available? Today we want to tell you how to send an animated GIF through WhatsApp Web . It is easy. Follow the instructions that we offer below.

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Forward a GIF

This option is perfectly valid if what you want to do is resend a GIF that someone else has already sent you or that you have received in a group. The procedure is super easy:

1. Locate the GIF that you have been sent and that you want to send to other people or groups. All you have to do is share it as if it were an ordinary image .

forward gif

2. Click on the arrow at the top of the image to display the options menu. Here you will see information about the message and you will have the options of Reply, Download (if you want to download the GIF to your computer), Forward message or Delete message . Logically, you have to click on Resend message.

3. Next, the message will be selected and you will have to click on the arrow at the bottom right of the screen.

forward animated gif whatsapp

4. A pop-up window will appear in which you will have to choose the recipient . Click on the one you want and then the system will ask you if you really want to send the GIF.

5. The procedure is very simple and in principle you should not have problems. Check that the GIF looks good and if you can, ask the recipient if they have had any problems viewing it.

convert gif mp4

Send a GIF from your computer

But, what if the GIF I want to send has not been forwarded to me and I have it stored on my computer? The procedure is as easy as the first, but requires an extra step: passing the GIF to video . Luckily it is very easy.

1. Do you have the GIF located? Okay, now what you have to do is access any page or program that is capable of converting GIFs to videos, because this format can be sent as an attachment through WhatsApp Web. We recommend  Online Convert: it is very easy to use and you will not have to download any program. 

2. Within this page. Click on Convert video and choose one of the operating formats . You can select MP4 .

3. Next, upload the file from your computer. You can also copy and paste a URL or choose a file that you have stored in Dropbox or Google Drive . Click on Convert to start the conversion and download the file. Your GIF will have been converted into a video and it is ready to be shared.


4. Simply click on the contact you want to send the GIF to and click on the clip icon and then click on the Photos and videos icon. Find the resulting video and hit send.

You've got it? If you have any other questions you can expose them in the comments.