4 acknowledgment services for Gmail messages


Gmail , Google's webmail service , does not offer the ability to include acknowledgments in messages. The sender cannot know if the recipient has opened the mail, or even if they have received it. However, there are services that notify the sender of the receipt of email messages that have been sent through Gmail . Many of them are free, as is the case with the ones we have selected on this occasion. They also usually take the form of add-ons for web browsers , especially for Google Chrome.. Here are four services that allow you to track sent emails and receive notifications when the recipient (s) have opened or read the messages. They also notify when the recipient clicks on any of the links contained within the message. They are Yesware, Bananatag, MailTrack, and Signals .

1) Yesware

It is very complete and offers many customization possibilities when it comes to receiving reports on e-mail messages. Yesware is available as a plug-in for the Chrome browser. The free version of the service includes a maximum of 100 events per month, between emails and attachments. It shows almost instantly when, how and even on what device an email message was opened. It makes it easy to create email templates within Gmail that can be reused. Its tracking reports gather interesting statistics that allow, for example, to keep track of response rates or to know which email templates obtain a higher success rate.


2) Bananatag

It is available as a plug-in for Chrome, but also for Microsoft Outlook. That's why it works with both Gmail and Outlook. Bananatag records when the recipient opens or reads a message, and also warns when they click on a link sent by e-mail. Its interface is very clear, and it presents the information in a very graphical way. Collect statistics on the click rate, the success and failure rates of messages in a single panel that is consulted online. Once installed, you simply have to check the Track Email option when composing a message in Gmail. The free service includes five messages a day.

3) MailTrack

It is free and without limit of messages sent. MailTrack takes the form of a plug-in for the Chrome browser. The system of displaying notifications is very simple: a double green check mark in front of the message. The user can set the receipt of e-mail acknowledgments when the receiver opens or reads it.

4) Signals

It works as an add-on for Chrome and as an accessory for Microsoft Outlook. It is compatible with Gmail, Outlook for Windows, Salesforce, Hubspot, Nimble, and Outlook.com. As usual, Signals warns about the opening of messages and keeps track of how many times the recipient clicks on the links. The free mode allows you to receive up to 200 notifications per month.