The Internet soccer website RojaDirecta already has a successor

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RojaDirecta , the popular site for soccer and other sporting events , has just lowered the blind after a decade of activity. A court has ordered its precautionary closure . Those who try to access the page will find a sign that says: " Temporarily we cannot offer access to RojaDirecta to users who connect from Spain." As an explanation, the poster adds that it is due to a precautionary court order promoted by DTS Distribuidora de Televisión Digital (Canal +), currently controlled by Telefónica. In addition, the site managers invite you to send them messages by e-mail, Twitter or Facebook. This precautionary measure comes from a judicial process initiated by DTS against Puerto 80 Projects , the management company of the RojaDirecta website .

As is usual on the Internet, new similar initiatives tend to emerge in a short period of time. One of them is called and through it Internet users can access links to watch various football matches in streaming, including the Liga BBVA and the UEFA Champions League . The design is very similar to RojaDirecta. However, there is a banner on the home page where that site denies any linking; This is the exact transcription: “Important: This page has no relationship with, All the content of this site are located in third party servers, provided or transmitted by third parties. All the content of this site is taken from public Internet sites so this material is considered free of distribution and we are not responsible for the improper use that you can make of the content of our page ”.

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At the end of June, the precautionary closure order of the RojaDirecta portal issued by the Commercial Court number 1 of La Coruña was known, which Puerto 80 Projects then appealed. This Thursday, November 26, a new ruling was known, which confirmed the precautionary closure of all RojaDirecta domains , as DTS had requested. Just in case the site manager did not close of its own accord, the judge ordered the blocking of domains from Internet access providers and DNS (domain name system) providers.

In addition, at the same time, the Commercial Court number 2 of that Galician city rejected the request for a substitute bond proposed by RojaDirecta , which offered a bond of 10,000 euros to avoid closure. The judge of said Court number 2 has decided to maintain that precautionary measure because, otherwise, it would pose an economic danger of "a large amount for the plaintiffs who have made an economic investment to obtain the right of retransmission" of sporting events.

It should be remembered that, since the entry into force of the new Penal Code at the beginning of July 2015 , it is a crime to link to content protected by intellectual property rights without the authorization of the owners, even if it is with benefit direct or indirect.