The funniest memes to celebrate Easter

The funniest memes to celebrate Easter

Easter is approaching, one of the most anticipated holidays for the Spanish. We could say that it is almost like a mini summer that we are looking forward to. There are many who take advantage of these days to take a short trip, go to the beach, the mountains or simply disconnect. But, as we see in the cover image, we may not always get it. So the best thing is that we take it with humor with the funniest memes to celebrate Holy Week .

If you want to send a greeting to a friend or family member in a fun way , you cannot miss these images. You can download them to send them by WhatsApp or upload them to your social networks.

Palm Sunday

best memes Easter Ramos

It is already a classic in the memes of these dates. The Real Madrid player, Sergio Ramos, cannot be absent from such a selection. And he has a special day for him and everything!

What is your plan?

Do you already have a plan for Easter? Do you know what you are going to do? Our protagonist is very clear about it, disappear and appear.

best easter memes disappear


Not everyone is on vacation

Although these days it seems that everyone is on vacation, it is not. There are many who stay to work, especially in the service sector . So if you know someone who has to work you can send them the following meme. But keep in mind that, perhaps, he will not be too funny.

best memes easter work

A touch of humor

If you want to give a touch of humor to your Easter greeting, here we leave you a pretty funny one. Of course, no one is offended.

best memes easter no more nails

Why do you like Easter?

Holy Week is a religious holiday. The processions are celebrated throughout the Spanish territory and there are many who live them intensely. But let's face it, many of us want these days to come just to have vacations. It's not like that?

best memes easter holidays

To the beach!

The beach is the destination chosen by thousands of Spaniards during the Easter holidays. Especially for those who live in areas that do not have a beach. That is why, many times, going to the beach during these days is almost like going to war.

best memes Easter to the beach

Easter without money

Whether you have one plan or another, if you want to go on vacation at Easter you will need money. If you don't have it, you can make plans for your city or excursions, but it will be difficult to take a trip. Here's how you can feel if you don't have a "penny."

best memes Easter without money

Holidays without holidays

Colleges, universities, institutes… they all give their students vacations at Easter. However, at times this vacation may not be what we expected. Yes, we are talking about the feared and hated duties. If it is a vacation that is a real vacation, don't you think?

best memes easter homework

Studying at Easter

And related to the previous meme we have another that, perhaps, is even more realistic. The return of Easter can be very hard. For the workers for returning to the routine, for the students because the exams are thrown at them. However, are you going to take advantage of Easter to study?

best memes easter study

And so far our small selection of funny memes to celebrate Easter . If you are going to go on vacation, be careful in the car and be patient. If you are staying at home, enjoy the days off. And if you go to work, have even more patience. For all cases you have a perfect meme to send to your friends and family.