Nokia 6300: A design classic for all audiences

Nokia 6300-1This week we have tested the Nokia 6300, a classic and simple terminal, but at the same time well equipped with camera, mp3 and multimedia options. It will go on sale next April 12 and will cost around 260 euros (free).

It has a fairly simple and compact design. It's light and slim, weighing 91 grams and just over a centimeter thick. It is also very easy to use, with very intuitive menus, which we can customize.

Most of the case is stainless steel, with a glossy plastic finish, which gives it a futuristic touch within the classic. The same happens with the screen, which reproduces 16 million colors in 2 inches in size, and that significantly improves the image quality.

Nokia 6300-2

As for the equipment, it has a two megapixel camera (the two megapixel camera is beginning to prevail in medium-high level mobiles), MP3 player, FM Radio and Internet access. To expand memory and communicate with the PC, it has an input for MicroSD cards and a Mini USB port.

It also incorporates Bluetooth Stereo that, in addition to being used for the car hands-free, also allows you to play songs on your home stereo or car radio without the need for cables. Of course, the system is not instantaneous, you have to wait a little bit to be able to hit play.

It connects to the Internet by GPRS, that is, at a slow speed (it is not a 3G terminal). To navigate includes a "mini" version of the Opera browser. On the other hand, the type of user of this mobile does not usually use the terminal to browse or download email on a regular basis.

Nokia 6300-3

We can talk on the phone for 3 and a half hours without charging the battery. To store photos and music, a 156 MB MicroSD card will be included as standard.

What we liked the most: The design makes it one of the most attractive "mobile-to-talk" within the classic mid-high-end terminals. It is sober and elegant. In addition to being used to make calls, it has all the extras to play music and video, connect to the Internet and take photos.

What we liked the least: Only two drawbacks. The first is that perhaps they have been a bit long (more than 10 centimeters).

The second is that it does not allow videoconferencing. Low speed Internet connection may not be relevant for this type of audience, but if it is a classic user, but with a certain flair, you may occasionally want to make a video call.

We recommend it to: Those who want a classic terminal, but with style. A professional who appreciates size and good taste in mobile design. Who wants a classy phone that can be used to talk and occasionally to take a photo.


900/1800/1900 MHz

GSM / EDGE / GPRS network

Operating system

improved interface of Nokia Series 40


7.8 MB of internal memory and supports microSD cards up to 2 GB.

Photo camera

2 MegaPixels. Flash.

Music and audio

Standard miniUSB inputs for video and audio. MP3 player. FM Radio.

Stereo Bluetooth system.


3GGP video recording and playback


GPRS access, Opera Mini Internet Browser. Email manager.


2 inch TFT. Up to 16.7 million colors. Size 240 x 320; QVGA


MiniUSB, MicroSD and Bluetooth


210 minutes in conversation (GSM). More than 340 hours standby (GSM)

Dimensions and weight

106.4 x 43.6 x 11.7 mm

Weight 91 grams

+ info: Nokia 6300