WonderZoo, build and take care of your own zoo


There are various games that, while entertaining, try to leave us with a message of alertness and solidarity . That is precisely what Gameloft suggests with WonderZoo , a free game that is already available for iPhone and that has nature and its animals as a top priority, which we will have to take care of and protect. WonderZoo has been developed as a zoo simulator in which we will have to take care of dozens of different animals and, if necessary, provide them with a suitable environment for their development and reproduction.

The mechanics of  WonderZoo are not very different from those of other similar games, in which we will have to gradually build our empire , starting from scratch and with very few resources. However, with time and patience, we will end up having a large zoo full of animals, even some new and surprising species as a result of our research mixing different species. If you want to download and play WonderZoo for free , we leave you below with the direct link to the AppStore , where you can install it on your iPhone , iPad or iPod Touch. It should be noted that the version for the Android operating system will not be available until the end of next November, as reported by Gameloft .

WonderZoo 02

WonderZoo is set on 5 different maps , each with its own habitat and type of animals , so we can explore large environments and rescue many of them from constant dangers. And there is no doubt that the greatest danger of all is ourselves, the man, in the form of a poacher. And it is that the argument of the game reveals that there is a traitor among us, who is dedicated to stealing animals and making a cut with them. It will depend on us to be able to recover them all and give them a decent home where they can live in peace.

WonderZoo 01

The simplicity of the graphics of WonderZoo and the ease with which can be operated with a mobile or tablet, make it ideal for player for children . The graphics have been recreated in 3D and the adventure unfolds in an isometric aerial view. Finding an animal and returning it to your zoo will not be an easy task, since many times they are injured, enraged or outrun our Jeep , only with the right tools we can carry out the work. Gamelof t has endowed WonderZoo with the typical social character that is usually common in their games, so we caninteract with our friends , visit their zoos and share our achievements with the whole community. If you want to try your luck in the arduous task of building a zoo and raise dozens of animals, we leave you with direct link to the AppStore of Apple where our guests can free download WonderZoo .

Note : When the Android version is available, we will update this same news by adding the corresponding link to Google Play.

Free download WonderZoo for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.