32 keyboard shortcuts to be a YouTube master

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YouTube, like Google Chrome and other web applications developed by the North American giant, has dozens of functions that allow us to control the web through keyboard shortcuts. Functions such as  play a video with the keyboard, advance a few seconds on YouTube, skip YouTube songs or change the playback speed . These key combinations can be carried out from any browser that is compatible with the platform. Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, Opera ... This time we have compiled some of these special YouTube keys to control the web from the keyboard.

Control YouTube videos with these keyboard shortcuts

The YouTube website integrates more than thirty special keys with which to control the different functions of the website. These functions not only apply to the playback of videos, but also to the volume of the system and navigation between different videos, among many other possibilities.

Playback keyboard shortcuts

To play with the playback of YouTube videos we can use more than a dozen keyboard shortcuts with which we can move to a specific moment of the video. For these combinations to be effective we will have to previously select the YouTube player window.

  • Space bar : play or pause the video. Activates a button if it is selected.
  • Play and / or pause multimedia key on the keyboard : play or pause the video.
  • K : play or pause the video on the player.
  • Stop multimedia key on keyboard : stop video.
  • Number 0 : scroll the first second of the video.
  • Numbers 1 to 9 : Scroll to a percentage of the video (1 to 10%, 2 to 20%, and 3 to 30% up to 9 to 90%).
  • Right arrow : advance 5 seconds in the video.
  • Left arrow : go back 5 seconds in the video.
  • J : go back 10 seconds in the video.
  • L : advance 10 seconds in the video.
  • Home : move to the first few seconds of the video or to the beginning of the YouTube web.
  • End : move to the last seconds of the video or to the end of the YouTube web.
  • ',' : go back one frame in the video.
  • '.' : advance one frame in the video.

Volume keyboard shortcuts

We can also control the volume of YouTube videos through special keys, not without first selecting the YouTube playback window.

  • Up arrow : increase volume by 5%.
  • Down arrow : decrease volume by 5%.

Keyboard shortcuts for suggested videos and playlists

If we are playing a YouTube list, we can play with the different key combinations to control the playback of the videos. In this case, it will not be necessary to stay in the video playback window.

  • Shift + N : go to the next video. Applicable to suggested videos and playlists.
  • Shift + P : go to the previous video. This key combination only works with playlists.
  • Next multimedia key on keyboard : Skip to the next video in a playlist.

Other YouTube keyboard shortcuts

Play with the subtitles of the videos, activate the YouTube mini-player ... There are some key combinations that by their nature do not fit with the rest of the functions of the web. Let's look at some of these.

  • I : activate the mini player.
  • C : enable or disable subtitles if available.
  • / : go to YouTube search box
  • Shift + 1 - Scroll between YouTube H1 headings.
  • F : enable or disable full screen mode if it is already enabled.