Sony SmartWatch 3, with metal strap and a more formal look

Sony SmartWatch 3 with metal strap

The Japanese company Sony has decided to update the design of the Sony SmartWatch 3 ( SWR50 ), a smartwatch with Android Wear operating system that we have been able to test recently. Until now this smartwatch was only available with a silicone strap, but Sony has announced a new metal strap for the Sony SmartWatch 3 . Thus, the SmartWatch 3 from Sony with metal strap becomes an accessory to consider even for a formal use beyond sport.

This new strap is made of stainless steel , and it is a strap that maintains the removable feature of the Sony SmartWatch 3 , which means that we can switch between the silicone strap and this metal strap simply by removing the central piece of the watch. In addition, the new metal strap also keeps the IP68 certification of the SmartWatch 3 intact , so that the watch remains perfectly waterproof and submersible regardless of the strap we decide to use.

Sony SmartWatch 3 with metal strap

The metal strap of the Sony SmartWatch 3 has a formal look, and offers a much more recommended finish - compared to the silicone strap - for everyday use . In fact, users who want to make the most of the experience offered by this watch can consider purchasing both the silicone strap, reserved for exercise hours, and the metal strap, reserved for the rest of the day.

Sony has not released information regarding the starting price and release date of this metal strap, so we do not know whether or not the metal material of the strap will lead to a significant increase in the price of this accessory. Users who have already purchased a Sony SmartWatch 3 can rest assured that regardless of the version of the watch they have chosen, they can purchase the metal strap as an additional accessory through the Sony store .

Recall that the Sony SmartWatch 3 is an intelligent watch incorporating a color touch screen of 1.6 inches with 320 x 320 pixels , the operating system Android in its version of Android Wear , certificate IP68 of resistance to water and dust , 4 gigabytes of internal storage and a 420 mAh battery (which, according to Sony , translates into a range of up to two days of use). To this day, this smartwatch is available together with a black silicone strap and a yellow silicone strap.

It is expected that the metal strap of the Sony SmartWatch 3 will begin to be available in Spain from the next few weeks . On the Sony website we can already find this accessory available for the SmartWatch 3 , and in principle it seems that the price is the same as in the case of the versions with a silicone strap ( 230 euros ). Of course, the version with a metal strap cannot yet be purchased from European territory.