How to turn on and off taskbar icons

How to turn on and off taskbar icons

Windows 7 is full of nooks and crannies that may go unnoticed by many users. If you are one of those who has too large a number of icons on the taskbar (something that, on the other hand, usually happens quite easily due to the propensity of many programs to gain a place in the foreground of the system ), we tell you in a simple way how you can activate or deactivate the different icons that appear in the lower right bar and their notifications.

First you have to go to the task bar and right click on the clock and date space and then click on the "properties" option . You can also get there by right clicking on any other place on the bar (except for the icons, which will show the options for each program) and also clicking on "properties" . In this case, you have to click on the "customize" option again in the taskbar tab .

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Once inside, we can focus on the notification icons of the different programs or the system icons. To do this we click on the option "select the icons and notifications that you want to appear on the task bar" or "activate or deactivate system icons". In the latter case, it is enough to select the option “activated” or “deactivated” to the right of each icon. Normally these icons will not be touched (except for the notification system) since they are usually very used and useful options, such as the clock, the volume or the battery in laptops.

The most common is to change the options of the program icons. To do this, once in the corresponding option, you must deactivate, if it is activated, the option "always show all icons and notifications on the taskbar " to be able to change the options of the different programs. We can choose between hiding the icons (they will be accessible by clicking on the arrow in the bar), showing only the notifications or showing the notifications and the icon.