Japan Dome House, igloo houses made of polystyrene


The polystyrene no longer serves only for packaging . The Japanese firm International Dome House has invented igloo-shaped houses made of polystyrene , a material that until now had only been used for packaging and construction. But this company has created a kit that allows you to assemble a complete igloo-house, in just one day, and that has all the essentials to live comfortably (and with modesty).


One of the main attractions of these houses is the material with which they are made and their ecological properties . Although only measure seven meters in diameter, the modules are very resistant to typhoons and earthquakes , which would be a  considerable help in countries hit by such natural disasters. Considering its “green structure” quality, in case of fire, the houses do not emit toxic gases . Although we do not know if knowing this will greatly relieve its inhabitants.

Japan Dome House, igloo houses made of polystyrene 3

Far from resembling portable hotel rooms , Dome Houses want to be stable homes and  settle in fixed residential areas . At the moment, a town located in the Kyushu area already has a town of 480 homes. The truth is that more than a place of residence, it looks like a landscape taken from a story . With that added bonus, we could say that igloo houses are a great idea for disaster-stricken areas where people urgently need a roof to shelter under.

Japan Dome House, igloo houses made of polystyrene 3

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