With this translator you can finally know what your cat thinks

Meowlingual Cat Translation

The Japanese company Takara Tomy has a translator for sale that promises to help you discover what your cat is trying to tell you (mood, emotions, health issues…). It's called the Meowlingual Cat Translation Device and is on sale for $ 174.

What if we could understand our cats?

The Meowlingual Cat Translation Device can be the ultimate solution for those who always wonder what their cat is really thinking. Well, maybe it's not about what the feninos think, but rather what they feel. The device is capable of interpreting 21 different basic emotions and up to six moods , and also measures 85 variables about your health .

To achieve this interpretation, the Meowlingual Cat Translation Device interprets details such as the cat's face, gestures, and behavior. But it is worth asking: what level of precision can such a device have?

As if that were not enough, the device also offers a "simultaneous translator" that promises to translate more than 200 feline expressions into human language. Or more specifically, Japanese, which is currently the only language available (the instructions are also in Japanese).

As you can see in the image, aesthetically the gadget is nothing special, although it is  available in white, pink and black . It runs on two AA batteries and measures 74mm x 130mm x 36mm.

The business of translating what your pets say

This curious invention is back in fashion even though it went on sale in 2007. Its original price was around $ 80 but the current fever for cats seems to have aroused the interest of feline owners all over the world, so that the gadget is appreciating a lot (now it can be found for 174 euros in the online store  Japan Trend Shop ).

If you think that this invention is overpriced, you will be surprised to know that the same company Takara Tomy also invented a dog translator some time ago "" the Bowlingual Dog Voice Translator "" which currently sells for $ 261 .

Bowlingual Dog Translation

This device works with a special collar that is hooked on the dog's neck and that has a speaker. Every time the dog barks, the Bowlingual system interprets the content of the message and the loudspeaker emits the corresponding words "" or supposedly corresponding "" in Japanese. At the same time, the display of the device shows the written message.

Bowlingual is available in green, pink or blue and can work with 50 different races and 6 mixes. As with the other gadget, it has only been made in the Japanese language.

Pet translators on mobile

Of course, the most modern options for pet lovers could not be missing: a little review of Google Play or the Apple Store shows that there are dozens of applications that promise to translate in real time what your cat or dog is trying to say in your own language ...

Are we getting too obsessed with pets? Sure there are opinions of many kinds, but as a curiosity we remind you that there is even a Tinder for dogs ...