Windows 10 start button not working, what can I do

Windows 10 start button does not work, what can I do

The Windows 10 start button is one of the elements that has presented the most number of problems with updates to this operating system. That is why we have prepared this complete guide, in which we explain the tricks that you can use to solve most of the problems that appear with the Windows 10 start button.

Many Windows 10 users have been, with the unpleasant surprise that the Start button did not work, after having updated the operating system to the latest version available. The most radical solution in these cases is usually to reinstall Windows 10 completely, although this will cause you to lose all the data and programs that you had on your computer, so before proceeding with this method, we must exhaust all possible options.

Check for new updates

The first thing to do if the start button of your Windows 10 is failing, is to check if there are new updates available for the operating system. It is possible that the problem you are having is due to a bug, which has been fixed in the new version available. This is why it is so important that you keep your Windows 10 up to date.

Now you may be wondering how you can update your Windows 10, if the start menu does not work. Don't worry, you can use a simple trick to access the Windows 10 configuration application, without having to go through this menu.

Simply right-click on the taskbar, and select the option “ taskbar settings ”.

Check for new updates 1

With this, you will have accessed the Windows 10 configuration application, you just have to use the button in the upper left to access the main screen of this menu.

Check for new updates 2

Now go to the " Updates and security " section, and you will be able to see if a new update is available for your operating system.

Create a script to repair the home button

This is a very simple trick that allows you to solve some of the problems that arise with the Windows 10 Start menu. Right click on any part of the Windows 10 desktop, and select the option “ Create a new document from text ” .

Create a script to repair the start button 1

Write the following lines:

taskkill / f / IM explorer.exe

start explorer.exe


Create a script to repair the start button 2

Now just save the file with any name, but adding the .bat extension at the end. In file type select " All Files ".

Create a script to repair the start button 3

With that, you will have the script stopped to use, simply double click on it with the main mouse button, to execute it.

Restart Windows 10 Explorer

Restarting the Windows 10 explorer is something that can also solve many of the problems that occur with the start button.

To do this you have to open the Task Manager using the mythical key combination CTRL + ALT + DEL.

The next step is to access the "Processes" tab. Look for the option " Windows Explorer ", click on it with the right mouse button and choose the option "Restart".

Restart Windows 10 Explorer

This will restart the Windows 10 file explorer, and it is quite likely that the problem with the start button has been fixed.

Scan Windows for Errors

In this step we will perform a manual scan of Windows 10, looking for errors that are present in the operating system, and that can be easily solved. For this we will use the "Command Prompt" application, also known as CMD.

Scan Windows for Errors 1

When the command prompt window opens, just type the following command and hit the Enter key

sfc / scannow

Scan Windows for Errors 2

With this Windows 10 will scan all operating system files, looking for problems that can be easily repaired. The whole process was done automatically, so you can leave your computer alone while you work. The process can take a long time, depending on the number of files on your hard drive.

Create a new user account

If you've made it this far, and haven't been able to fix the problem with the Windows 10 Start button, it's time to explore new options that can help you.

One of these options that can be used is to create a new user account. This will not affect the operation of the operating system, but it is possible that you may need to transfer some files later, whose access was restricted to your previous user.

To create a new user, you also need to access the Task Manager using the CTRL + ALT + DEL key combination. Go to the "File" tab, and select " Run New Task ."

Create a new user account 1

Check the box "Create this task with administrative privileges", type " PowerShell " and hit Enter to open the program.

Create a new user account 2

Now write the following command, changing the texts in quotes for what you want to use. You must write everything without quotes.

net user "name of the new user" "password of the new user" / add

Create a new user account 3

Press the Enter key again, and with that you will have created the new user in your Windows 10 operating system. Now you only have to restart the computer, and start the session with the new account, to check if the problem with the button has been solved Of start.

Restore Windows 10

If you still haven't been able to solve the problem with the Windows 10 Start button, one of the few options you have left before formatting your computer is to restore the operating system to a previous state.

For this you can consult the article we published a few months ago on how to restore Windows 10 to a previous version.

Here ends our article on how to fix the Windows 10 Start button if it has stopped working correctly, we hope it will be very useful. Remember that you can share the article so that it can help more people in need.