The best video stores to watch movies and series online on TV

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The arrival of smart televisions (or smart tv) has radically changed the way we watch movies and series . If before we had to be seated at a certain time and day so as not to miss a detail of our favorite series (or end up buying it on DVD), today the on-demand viewing model is being imposed even for free content. Televisión Española, AtresMedia and Mediaset (through the Mitele platform) make most of their programs, series and even information services available to their users.

In recent years, digital video stores have proliferated at the same speed as the latest generation televisions. There are several operators and with content in many difficult to differentiate at first glance between so many series and films. That is why we review the highlights of each video store, so that when you decide you will not find a handful of titles that are not of interest to you.


Yomvi is the evolution of Canal + towards the world of web tv , today owned by Movistar . As a result of this acquisition, the platform is experiencing many ups and downs ranging from the creation of its own content to the importation of HBO series en masse . Despite its change of ownership and the massive inclusion of advertising in all the spaces there are and to be, Yomvi is the most plural system and the one that offers the most content , being able to buy them separately.

Its offer intertwines sports, series and cinema in equal parts . Being able to acquire all together or separately . Since Yomvi is owned by Movistar, its cinema package , a Canal + classic, has been seriously diminished in quality. On the other hand, their series package only costs 7 euros per month with which you will have access to such famous titles as Game of Thrones, House Of Cards (a Netflix original series), Mozart In The Jungle ... the most striking and innovative titles on the American scene: Penny Dreadful, Mr. Robot, Veep, Silicon Valley, The Brink, Ballers ... A lot of HBO in short. In addition to all the series of channels like Fox.

As we have said, the cinema package has been very weakened in pursuit of series and sports. For ten euros a month , Yomvi promises you a premiere a day, distributed among its different channels. Every week we find one or two flashy releases, while the rest of the portfolio of films are more alternative titles. And above all, hundreds and hundreds of classic titles, many of them in pay-per-view mode.

Since it was acquired by Movistar, its customer service center has been integrated into that of the telecommunications company, so any problem in product management entails hours of waiting at 1004 and uncomfortable waits with telemarketers who do not know how to solve your incidence. The community managers of the company now interact like robots without ever giving a concise solution to your problems.


The landing of Netflix has been one of the most talked about in the Spanish market. Although keeping up to date with its catalog is complicated if it is not registered , Netflix is the great hub of series , most of them self-produced such as Narcos or House Of Cards . His recent arrival, but uproarious, is not about to Yomvi volume, with about half of titles both in terms of series and movies are concerned.

Its monthly subscription models are three: one for 8 euros, another for 10 and another 12 . The only difference between one and the other is the ability to watch it with higher quality (normal, HD and ultra HD, respectively) and the number of devices that can simultaneously watch Netflix (one, two and four in each case).

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If Netflix is ​​the great site of the Filmin series , as its name suggests, it is the digital place of worship for moviegoers. Filmin's catalog also includes series , although in a slightly smaller volume than the previous two. Although in movies it offers a catalog of more than 8,000 titles, tripling Yomvi and almost ten times more than Netflix . In addition, the platform groups the films in an original and fun way in which exploring its immense catalog is relatively simple.

It goes without saying that with Filmin we find films for all tastes . From Spanish police films of the eighties, to collections of more than 30 titles only about boxing films. From eight euros a month you will have access to approximately 75% of the catalog . The rest of it has been under the pay-per-view system, being able to purchase vouchers in packages for viewing movies. There is also a premium package with which you have more unlimited access to these exclusive content.

Wuaki tv

Wuaki was one of the first online video store services to appear in our country. The Catalan company began its services in 2007, and it is the one that most closely resembles a video store in the strict sense of the word. Almost 4,000 titles in its pay-per-view format, is one of its great virtues, although you can also opt for a monthly subscription.

From 8 euros per month you guarantee access to approximately a thousand films. The series are one of its weaknesses, and its offer barely exceeds 50 units, most of them in pay-per-view format.


Despite the fact that we see it installed on our television and through the application we easily access all the content that is broadcast on La Sexta and Antena 3 (as well as on its secondary channels), AtresMedia seeks to place itself in the video store market digital from a different position . In this way, within that large amount of free content, they are including a series of movies and series.

The subscription costs just over two and a half euros a month and gives you unlimited access to AtresMedia content and the possibility of entering its online video store. L ost titles we can find first glance are not too attractive for cenéfilo pro . On the other hand, what it does offer are many movies with children's and youth content.

Which one suits me best?

Go ahead that in all formats you have to pay a monthly subscription to access content . Like when you signed up for the video store and paid a small fee. Although on the other hand you have guaranteed access to a good number of titles. We summarize in a series of items which platform adheres the most to your tastes.

  • Hollywood releases that come fast -> Yomvi
  • American series and a lot of HBO -> Yomvi
  • Series lover of all kinds -> Netflix
  • Follower of own productions -> Netflix
  • Lifelong movie buff who doesn't care so much about news -> Filmin
  • Have little relationship with the video store -> Filmin
  • Old-fashioned rental -> Wuaki Tv
  • Price quantity ratio in series -> Yomvi
  • Quantity price ratio in films -> Filmin
  • Good customer service -> Filmin | Wuaki Tv | Netflix