5 alternatives to Dropbox or Google Drive to save your data on the Internet

5 alternatives to Dropbox or Google Drive to save your data on the Internet

The cloud has become the best place to store files and data. Not only because it is much more secure, but also because we can have our information at hand from any place and equipment . This allows us to more comfortably handle photos, videos, files or music from a laptop, mobile or tablet, either from home or on trips or outings.

Nowadays, there are a large number of services that offer free gigs for storage. Not only are there the usual Google Drive, iCloud or Dropbox, there are others that go more unnoticed, but have similar characteristics. Next, we reveal five of them.

1. hubiC

If you have already spent all the free gigs from Dropbox or Google Drive and are not willing to pay, you can take a look at hubiC. It is a similar service, which also offers 25 GB of free storage. The good thing is that you can increase this figure if you recommend the service to friends, being able to get up to 55 GB without having to pay a single euro. This service was developed by the French hosting company OVH. The company itself ensures that with 25 GB you can save up to 6,000 photos in high definition, 416 hours of MP3 music, or 12.5 hours of video on DVD.


hubiC allows you to keep any type of file: .txt, .doc, .pdf, .avi, .mov, among others. The only condition they require is that the name of the files does not exceed 248 characters. The application is available on different platforms, whether PC or mobile: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Android, iOS or Windows Phone 8. On the other hand, it also offers the possibility of sharing documents and folders easily (through a link or URL) with an unlimited number of files. If you are excited about hubiC at the point and want to increase capacity, the prices are not bad at all. This service has an extra 100 GB or 10 TB for 10 or 50 euros per year, respectively.

2. pCloud

PCloud is another of the cloud storage services that has free gigs to give away. In your case, it specifically offers 10 GB, with the possibility of expanding this figure thanks to your friends or family . And is that if you recommend this service to five people and get them to sign up, you will get an extra 5 GB. In addition, they will have 1 GB, which is not bad either. To have access to this possibility, you will have to accept the terms and conditions and click on "Invite friends" in the "Current plans" section.


One of the attractions of this service is that it has an integrated video reader with the option to play streaming in high definition. It also includes a music player with which we can create playlists using the MP3s stored in the free storage space. Another of its great advantages is that it gives the option to make a backup copy of all the photos saved on Facebook . If you're interested in pCloud, it has several one-time payment plans. What does this mean? If you pay 175 euros now, you will have 500 GB for life for you, without having to renew monthly or annually. Another possibility is to give 350 euros to enjoy 2 TB of space forever.

3. MediaFire

With MediaFire you have 10 GB of free initial space, although you can have up to 50 GB at no cost. How? For each friend you invite, you will have 1 GB of extra space (with a limit of 32 GB). It is also possible to get 2 GB more by installing the MediaFire mobile app. Another option to earn extra gigs is to link your Facebook and Twitter accounts.


Although MediaFire is a service to consider, it lacks some basic points for many users. Unlike some of its rivals, it doesn't offer file syncing between different devices. Also, you need to download the files manually from and to the cloud.

4. Flipdrive

This cloud storage service offers 10GB for free with a 25GB file size limit. It has a very simple and minimalist interface, which also gives the possibility of sharing files with anyone, even if they do not have an account on the service. It is a safe, convenient and fast option to keep photos, data or videos safe . Likewise, it should be noted that for less than five euros a month it allows you to increase the space up to 25 GB.


5. Mega

There was a time that Mega offered without blinking nothing more and nothing less than 50 GB free to store files. All this just by registering. That went down in history. Now, if you register, you can enjoy 50 GB yes, but after a month 35 of them will expire to leave you only 15 GB. However, there are some tricks you can do to get them back.


Just by downloading the MEGAsync program on your computer you will get 20 GB more. On the other hand, if you install the MEGA application on your terminal you will have another 15 GB. This returns you the initial 50 GB. However, this is still not forever. These cheats also have an expiration date. You can only enjoy this extra 180 days from activation. It should be noted that after this first month and those 180 following days, hiring a payment plan in the service is not very expensive. Mega offers a Lite service that for only 5 euros per month allows you to have 200 GB. For 10 euros you can enjoy 1 TB and for 30 euros per month 8 TB, an option that is not bad for companies.