How to prepare your visit to IKEA via the Internet and your mobile

How to prepare your visit to IKEA via the Internet and your mobile

Visualize it. Corridors crowded with boxes and more boxes. Parts, Allen keys, screws of a thousand shapes and sizes . It could be a nightmare, but no. It's IKEA. Sound like you, right? If your family has been determined to return, it would not hurt to prepare your visit thoroughly.

But not only you. Lovers of these large furniture stores also have reasons to go to IKEA with a good roadmap. When you arrive at an IKEA everything is magnified and multiplied . There are a thousand and one different items and furniture that seem to match your living room, but you don't know if they end up fitting because of their measurements.

Por eso es conveniente ir con el catálogo bien estudiado, saber qué muebles te interesan y qué otros no, tomar bien las medidas y saber qué artículos te hacen falta y de qué otros puedes prescindir. ¿O es que quieres regresar a casa con un montón de cosas para las que ni tan siquiera tienes espacio?

Como sabemos de lo que hablamos, hoy queremos ayudarte a preparar tu visita a IKEA a través de Internet y el móvil. Sigue estos consejos para sobrevivir, una vez más, a esta incursión. ¡Ánimo, lo conseguirás!

ikea online catalog

Primero toca echar un vistazo al catálogo online

The catalog is always available on the IKEA website or through its official application. It will be great for finding ideas, because the truth is that it is done with great taste, with the aim of providing you with interesting combinations . Here is the online catalog, ready to be consulted.

You can access the different sections to find Products, locate articles by Rooms and capture Ideas. Then you may find a special section, depending on the season of the year we are in : Summer, Christmas, Autumn, Spring, etc.

From here you can review all the products and if you want, you will have the option of manually entering the name of the article and the code in a free one. Remember, it is a code separated by points , with several digits, which will be super useful to find what you really want, in the color and size you need.


Take measurements

You can't go to IKEA to buy a piece of furniture without taking measurements first. If you don't, you may come home with a piece of furniture that doesn't fit in the dining room. Or with a desk that doesn't fit through the door. All you have to do is take the tape measure and use any application you have on your mobile to write down the measurements taken.

You also have another option, which is to download the My Measures application (for iOS and Android), with which you can take measurements and write down all the data you need to make your new purchases. All the calculations are made on the photographs that you make yourself of the rooms.

to plan

Are you planning to make a big reform? It's time to plan!

You should know that for large purchases (we refer to furniture for kitchens, bedrooms or living rooms) you have at your disposal different planners that you can use before visiting the store. In fact, it is not advisable to do the shopping like crazy, without having a good planning of what you have to do and / or buy beforehand .

We recommend using any of the following, all endorsed by IKEA:

  • Fast PAX
  • IKEA Home Planner - Kitchen Planner
  • Custom countertop calculator
  • PAX planner
  • BESTÅ planner
  • ALGOT planner
  • VIMLE planner
  • EKET planner
  • ELVARLI planner
  • SÖDERHAMN planner
  • VALLENTUNA planner
  • Bathroom planner
  • GRÖNLID planner
  • PLATSA planner
  • BYOD planner
  • Design your own office chair
  • Design your own dining chair
  • KUNGSHAMN planner

shopping list

Make the shopping list

That you are going to go to IKEA without having made the shopping list? Do not even think about it! In case you didn't know, IKEA has its own application from which you can add the items that interest you the most, so you don't forget any. If you have taken the measurements and have already looked at the catalog to choose the furniture and objects that you like the most, you will be in a position to add them to the list.

The IKEA Store app is available for iOS and Android. To access the different personal options, you will have to register or log in with your username and password. Although if you wish, you can also consult the catalog and add options to the shopping list without problems.

ikea family

Don't forget the IKEA Family card

If you are one of those who always carry the card, you can rest easy. But if it happens to you like me that you lose everything, it would be interesting if you made sure to carry the IKEA Family card on your mobile . In this way you can show it at the time of making the payment and you can benefit from interesting discounts.

When you install the IKEA Store app, the system will ask you to enter your details (the email with which you registered or the number of the IKEA Family card and a password). If you have the card, it will be directly added to the tool and all you have to do is click on the IKEA Family section to show the card's barcode. As simple as that.

ikea family

In the store: scan codes to find what you like

Once in the store, you can also continue using the IKEA app to find the products you like the most. You do not have to carry the notebook everywhere. If you have made the shopping list in the mobile application, all you have to do is open it to locate the aisle or the shelf where the product is located. Just be sure to check that the codes match, so you don't take home a model you don't want .

On the other hand, you have an interesting option. It is very likely that when you arrive at IKEA, you will see items that you like and you do not know very well where you can find them or if there are more models in other colors. Open the IKEA app and click on the central button Find product (it has a barcode next to it).

Point to the barcode that you will find next to the article. You will see that the system is able to identify it instantly, with all the information you need. 

With all this, you already have everything you need to face a new visit to IKEA. Let it be light for you!