Canon Zoemini, we tested this portable printer without ink

Canon Zoemini, we tested this portable printer without ink

Your Expert RecommendedThe Canon Zoemini printer is portable and lightweight and works without ink, using the Zink  ( Zero Ink ) thermal system  . With this device we can print photos in size 2 x 3 inches (5.1 x 7.6 cm) directly from the mobile.

The device is compatible with Android and iOS. Prints are sent via Bluetooth using the Canon Mini Print app .

Below we discuss all the features and operation of the Canon Zoemini Inkless Portable Printer .

Canon Zoemini, a pocket printer

The Canon Zoemini portable printer weighs only 160 grams and measures 118.31mm long x 82.36 wide x 18.7mm thick. It is similar in size and shape to an external hard drive, so it is very easy to transport (it can be carried in your pocket).

The device is available in three color combinations : black with gray, rose gold with white, and white with silver. Designs have a matte textured finish.

Canon's Zoemini printer has a microUSB connection to recharge the battery , a small hook to hang it from a strap, and two LED indicators.

One of the LED lights is located next to the power button to indicate whether the device is on or off. The other LED light, next to the microUSB port, shows red when charging and green when charging is complete.

Loading paper is done by pushing the top cover to open the tray , which has a capacity of ten sheets.

Adhesive paper and inkless technology

This device operates without ink, with the technology  Zink  ( Zero Ink ) : the colors are reflected by a thermal system.

This means that all we need to print photos is that the printer has a battery and paper .

canon zoemini printer

Prints are made on 2 x 3 inch (5.1 cm x 7.6 cm) Zink paper , at a quality of 314 x 400 pixels per inch.

One of the main advantages of Canon Zink paper is that it is self-adhesive . This means that the photos we print are ready to stick anywhere, and are perfect for making  collages or decorating notebooks and diaries.

Canon Zoemini Printer Datasheet

Print typeZINK (without ink)
Dimensions118.31 mm long x 82.36 wide x 18.7 mm thick
Weight160 grams
Print quality314 x 400 pixels per inch
SpeedAbout 15 seconds per photo

50 seconds if the engine has to start

ConnectivityMicroUSB / Bluetooth
Paper capacity10 sheets
Double sided printingNot
Paper format2 x 3 inches (5.1 x 7.6 cm)
Kind of paperSelf-adhesive photo paper
Price150 euros

Canon Zoemini Portable Printer Setup

Printer setup is done in a few steps:

  1. Charging the device's battery , using the microUSB cable. A full charge takes about 90 minutes.
  2. Link from printer to smartphone . To do this, you must have Bluetooth activated on the phone and link the device from the settings.
  3. Loading paper in the printer .

How Zink Paper Loading Works in the Canon Zoemini

Sliding the upper cover of the printer, we will open the paper tray. This tray has a maximum capacity of 10 2 x 3 inch Canon Zink sheets .

When opening a paper package, it is important that we keep the blue cardboard with the barcode. We will have to place the complete pack on the tray, with the blue cardboard down and the barcode also facing down.

canon zoemini tray

When making a first print, the Canon Zoemini will scan those codes and eject the blue card stock to detect that the paper is correct. Then it will start printing on the first sheet of paper.

How the Canon Mini Print App Works

The Canon Mini Print app, available for iOS and Android, is one of the most complete for printing pocket photos from your mobile .

The main menu of the application allows us to select the source of the images we want to print: camera, gallery, Facebook, Instagram, Google Drive or Dropbox .

canon mini print app

Once we have selected the image that interests us, we access the editing screen prior to printing. This is where we can give free rein to the imagination, because photos can be decorated in many ways:

  • Filters, symmetry effects , brightness and saturation adjustments, etc.
  • Frames and  stickers .
  • Strokes and gradients .

The Canon Mini Print application also allows you to create combinations of multiple images in a single  collage .

canon mini print retouch photos

All the photos that we edit here can be printed, saved or shared on social networks and through WhatsApp. That is to say: we are not facing an app only for printing, but we can use it to retouch images to our liking.

One point in favor of this Canon app is precisely the wide variety of retouching options: there are hundreds of frames and  stickers to decorate photos . And it is an interesting alternative to create collage compositions  for Instagram, even if we are not going to print the photos.

canon mini print stickers

Price and conclusions: is a portable printer worth it?

The Canon Zoemini device is sold in Spain for 150 euros , and is available in three scent options: white with silver, black with gray and rose gold with white.

The Canon Zoemini printer comes in its original box a pack of 10 sheets of Zink paper to start printing. Then you can find spare parts for about 28 euros (packages of 50 sheets), which leaves an average price of almost 0.60 euros per photograph .

canon zoemini paper

Obviously, it is a high price if we consider the size of the photograph and if we compare it with digital printing in standard size 10 x 15 centimeters.

However, the Canon Zoemini offers other advantages . The main one is the ability to print what we want and when we want, directly from the mobile. The device is small, light, and easy to transport, making it a perfect travel accessory.

The printer is specially designed for fans of travel diaries and artistic works such as scrapbooks , scrapbooks , etc. 

In addition, the printer prints up to 20 photos without charging the battery, and the print results are quite good, with sharp colors and good detail in the photos.