How to update the iPad 2 software

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Keeping the iPad 2 updated is easy if you know how. There are no foolproof tricks or complicated recipes . To keep your tablet up to date, you have to be aware of the latest news that the Apple company radiates more or less frequently. Thanks to these data packages, the firm manages to implement certain improvements, corrections and additions of new functions that, without a doubt, ultimately benefit the user. At this time, iPad 2 users have the opportunity to move to iOS 5.1 , the latest version of this operating system that the Apple company has presented with the new iPad, which will go on sale during this year 2012 . In any case, if you have an iPad 2 in your possession , we will tell you how you can update its operating system in a few simple steps.

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How to update iPad 2 via iTunes

1) You can update your iPad 2 in the most classic way, connecting the device to your computer through the USB cable that comes in the box itself. In this case, you will also need to have the latest version of iTunes installed . If you already have it running on your computer, you just have to worry that it is up to date. If you still don't have it, you will find (both the update and the original data package) on the official iTunes page to add it to the list of essential programs on your computer. In addition to receiving new updates, you can also download multimedia content to enjoy them from your iPad 2 .

2) If you have already opened iTunes and you have your iPad 2 connected to your computer, select the Devices tab and choose iPad 2 . Then, you will have to click on the option Search for update . If there is an update available, the system will ask for your permission to download and install it later. Remember not to disconnect the iPad 2 until a message appears stating that the update has finished.

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How to update iPad 2 wirelessly

1) You can update your iPad 2 wirelessly, since the new iOS 5 operating system allows the update via OTA or Over the Air . You only have to connect the device to Wi-Fi networks (since this is a significant amount of data to download). To see if you have an update available, go to the Settings section of your iPad 2 , select the General section and click on Software update .

2) If you find an update available, click on Download . You can install it immediately or save the package to system memory to proceed later. If you want to resolve the update immediately, click on Install and let the iPad follow its process. Do not disconnect or freeze the update while it is running.