Yamaha reduces its YSP 1600 soundbar by 120 euros for the World Cup

Yamaha reduces its YSP 1600 soundbar by 120 euros for the World Cup

The offers continue to coincide with the Soccer World Cup, with this discount of 120 euros from Yamaha. Its YSP 1600 soundbar has a regular price of 570 euros and remains, until June 30, at only 450 euros . It is an excellent opportunity to achieve a sound at the level of a current television, which can sometimes sound somewhat anemic because of such flatness ... On the contrary, it will be the sound of this Yamaha, which adds 80 W of power between the eight front speakers and the two of lateral bass.

Yamaha YSP 1600 01

Sound projector

Yamaha does not like, or does not like, the term "sound bar." At least not in models like this YSP 1600, which is really conceived differently from conventional bars. It is a design that Yamaha has been developing for years, for sound projection. Eight compact speakers (1.8 cm diameter) are located in the front center. Thanks to a digital algorithm developed by the brand, the sound is distributed between the eight speakers . By introducing small time and phase delays, the sound is projected in three dimensions. And we have the feeling that sound is coming to us from different locations.

Yamaha YSP 1600 03

At the ends of the bar, Yamaha has placed two dedicated bass speakers on this model. They are two subwoofer of 8'5 cm in diameter each. If the front speakers have 2.5 W of power each, these bass speakers are fed with 30 W stages. In total we enjoy 80 W of overall power. And in a bar with fairly compact dimensions: one meter wide but only 6.5 cm high and 13 cm deep.

Yamaha YSP 1600 04


The Yamaha YSP 1600 has physical but also wireless connections. It is compatible with the brand's MusicCast products. Thanks to that you can send and receive music. We can use rear effects speakers, or even a more powerful external bass box, without cables. You can also receive music via Bluetooth , or send music to headphones with that connection. And it supports AirPlay for Apple products, of course.

Yamaha YSP 1600 05

Connections include state-of-the-art HDMI input and output (4K HDCP 2.2 compliant), network (although it has WiFi), and optical digital. Also an analog with stereo jack. It is compatible with Dolby Digital and DTS and capable of simulating a 5.1 surround effect. It has the Cinema DSP audio processing system, patented by the brand, which is capable of recreating the acoustic characteristics of a real cinema or a concert hall. Through the free control app, it is possible to select up to five different programs: Movie, Music, Sports, Game and TV. The Clear Voice function prioritizes the volume of dialogue in movies.