These are the new Emojis that will come with iOS 10.2


The emoji most awaited by the Spanish is here: that of the paella. But not only that, also the acclaimed  avocado and of course, the bacon. And it is that yesterday, October 31 , Apple released the beta version of its new iOS update, 10.2 (just after launching 10.1 for all the public), and if there is something that has liked about it, it is the new Emojis with the ones that will count.

The change comes because Apple is supporting the Unicode 72.9 version   that was announced earlier this year. This may seem like something simple, but nothing beyond that, since the process of approving an emoji is quite complex, since all the members of the Unicode Consortium , which is the group that controls all the emoji, have to agree what can be included and what not. What's more, we know that Apple vetoed the inclusion of an emoji that represented a rifle and, as we already know, the famous pistol was replaced by a water pistol.

But let's go back to the emojis that have already been confirmed for iOS 10.2 because there is enough content that will make more than one happy.

New professions and status emojis

Among the new professions included are cooks , astronauts, teachers and even a subtle and beautiful tribute to the recently deceased David Bowie . Also a pregnant woman and the most anticipated of all, the one that will forever replace the shrug “¯ \ _ (ツ) _ / ¯ ”.

Professions emojis

New emojis include a tribute to David Bowie

¯ \ _ (ム„) _ / ¯

¯ \ _ (ム„) _ / ¯

Food and drink

Food and drink is the section in which the prayers of users have been answered the most, so well, as we said at the beginning, the paella emoji is here . But also a new and renewed hamburger with lettuce and tomato , a kebab , bacon , pancakes and different varieties of bread. For vegans there is also good news since the new version includes emojis of salad, potato, cucumber, kiwi and of course avocado.



food emoji

Animals and nature

This section has also won new acquisitions. On the animal side, some such as gorilla , shark , fox and owl have been included and in the case of nature some positions of the moon , asteroids and even a withered rose ...



Squid, prawn and bat were necessary




Of course we are going to find one of the most anticipated, the “facepalm” gesture , that is to say, putting the hand to the face in exasperation. In addition we will also have a clown face , a black heart and a constipated face among many others. We will just have to wait until the end of November to download iOS 10.2 and enjoy the new collection.

The facepalm.  the most necessary emoji of all