20 Carnival memes and GIFs to share on WhatsApp

20 Carnival memes and GIFs to share on WhatsApp

Shrove Tuesday ends this party in which, for a moment, we can play at being others. They have been days of parties and costumes in which there has been no lack of political satire through the jokes, nor the crowded squares of different characters consuming alcohol and celebrating as if there were no tomorrow. To celebrate one more year of Carnival we have wrapped the blanket around our heads and not to dress as Bedouins but to offer you 10 memes and 10 Carnival-themed GIFs for you to share on WhatsApp or any other messaging application or social network. To do this, open this article on your mobile, press and hold the GIF or meme for a few seconds and then download it and send it as usual.

Carnival GIF to share on WhatsApp

Celebrities celebrating to the fullest

Rihanna has not missed a chance to wear her best and flamboyant finery at the Barbados carnival. A spectacular GIF that will delight any fan of the singer and that belongs to the Barbados parties in 2017.

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The disguise confuses me

Is this a disguise? Is it, in fact, an urban traffic officer screwing at the top ? Is this perhaps legal? We do not know but here we record the GIF. Because they too have the right to have fun.

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Come very high

It is normal to come very high when you are parading or when you are dressed in a peculiar way. And if not, tell the protagonist of the next GIF.

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Green light for crazy choreography

Usually, we don't need excuses to unleash our most danceable selves. But if it turns out that they are carnivals, let the best of the choreographers prepare because, with us, he will have a lot, a lot of work .

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The conga never goes out of style

A DJ who achieves a conga on one of his songs is worthy of being decorated with the party's medal. And there are few things more fun (and ridiculous) you have to do a conga. Although we do not know if it is better to see them from afar ...

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Beware of alcohol at carnivals

Although we see in this GIF Rihanna give everything with a drink , by means of a straw, we should try to drink in moderation, let's not lose our costume along the way ...

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Antediluvian carnivals

If you have the opportunity to meet, one day, President Trump and you have to dress up (who knows?), It is best that you choose something other than the dinosaur. Apparently Trump hates them, seen in this GIF.

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Mascots in disguise

Of course, we are not just going to be the humans who enjoy the holiday, right?

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Terrifying carnivals

And not only on Halloween can we dress up as terrifying characters. And if not, look at this invisible man? that, in the end, he cannot bear his existential anguish and ends up rolling down the stairs.

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And babies ... too

Pets, adults ... and babies. If there's anything more fun than a baby doing his thing, it 's a baby in costume… as a Minion! Isn't it too cute? And there are people who hate them! That is not having a heart.

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Carnival memes to share on WhatsApp

This one for next year

There are those who take this about carnivals so seriously that they spend the whole year waiting for them like May water ... even in February or, like this year, in March. Save this meme and share it on Wednesday, when it's all over. Let no one take away the role of carnival intensity.

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In carnival debauchery you will find

And if not, let them tell the protagonist of the second meme. At carnival he prefers to be single and asks his girlfriend for time. What he doesn't know is that she will have many more opportunities to flirt than he does. But sure, let's go.

carnivals meme 02

You have to prepare the costume well

Although good, you don't have to take it as literally as the protagonist of our next meme, who is capable of being and walking with the costume on so that the bull does not catch him. Yes, a cautious man is worth two but disguised as more, maybe he is worth half ...

carnivals meme 03

And drink and drink

We repeat it for you actively and passively, be careful with alcohol in carnivals because the devil carries it. They are parties where there are too many people and not all of them are to be trusted. That's how I take care of my bag, my wallet and, yes, my glass. They can steal it from you!

carnivals meme 04

The priorities

The world is divided in two, those who wait for February for Valentine's Day and those who do it for carnivals. We know, then, which foot is Batman limping ... or is it someone in disguise? That we will never know.

carnivals meme 05

Has it happened to you?

Can there be something more cruel than you think you are in disguise when, in reality, that is your style ? Well, let me tell you one thing: if it's your style, wear it with pride. Surely those same will feel envy when they see that you are a person who does not get carried away by fashions and wears what they really want.

carnivals meme 06


Send this meme to everyone who asks you out on Shrove Tuesday . You haven't even had the money to buy a wig!

carnivals meme 07

The carnival takes its toll

And if not that they tell Cristiano Ronaldo that he only went out to have a 'quiet' . Just one beer, he said. Now look at his face ... what will his teammates say!

carnivals meme 08

Injustices of life

What difference is there between dressing up for the Manga Hall than doing it on carnival night to make a bottle in the square? None. But the former will always be branded 'geeks'. Dress up when you want to and ignore everything people tell you.

carnivals meme 09


If you have a birthday in November, you have a good chance of having been conceived during a crazy night of carnivals . And if not, ask your parents. Of course, make sure they have a good sense of humor, because, maybe, you will run out of pay ...

carnivals meme 10