Why am I having problems buying tickets online on the Renfe website?

Update: At the end of Monday, May 6, Renfe began to progressively solve problems with the ticket sales system through the web. Today, Tuesday, May 7, train tickets can be purchased without incident to travel from June.

Why am I having problems buying tickets online on the Renfe website?

If you have tried to buy train tickets on the Renfe website, you may have detected that, suspiciously, there is no possibility of acquiring a single one to travel from the next few weeks. Although it is possible that there are no tickets to go to the destination you want for those dates, it is the less strange that you do the search you do, the system responds as follows : “The consulted train is not available for sale at the moment or there is no direct connection, please try again later and excuse the inconvenience ”.

You should know, in any case, that this is not a matter of a day, or a few hours. The problem has been occurring on the Renfe website for a few days. Whatever you do, it is impossible to buy a single ticket, which is desperate, if what you need is to organize a train trip and do it in an agile and fast way through the internet.

Luckily, in the last hours Renfe has recognized that there is a problem that affects reservations that they want to make for summer. If you were wondering why there were no tickets for your destination, you can rest assured: it is not that they have sold out or that you are doing it wrong. The operator says it will resolve the incident in a few hours.

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Renfe recognizes an error on the web

Renfe has recognized that yes, there is a failure that makes it impossible to buy tickets for the next summer months, including June, which is the closest. Luckily, the problems have only been detected in some stations and for some trains and not for the entire web . This means that some users have not had problems with the purchase. However, we can confirm that for the purchase of different AVE tickets for Madrid, Barcelona and other areas of their respective metropolitan areas it is impossible to make a single purchase.

Renfe usually offers online users the possibility of purchasing tickets through the web up to three months in advance. It is normal that we cannot buy tickets for the month of September, but we should not have problems when buying them for June, July or August . However, at this time most users are still unable to do so.

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Could be due to system reprogramming

If you try to make a purchase for the next few days, it is most likely that you will not have any kind of problem. We have tried to buy tickets three days or even a week in advance and the truth is that we have not detected any incident. On the contrary: we have found offers and many options to purchase tickets to the same destination that we would like for June and for which, however, we have not been able to book in any way.

Renfe has explained that the error is only  due to a reprogramming of the system , which is what the operator usually does in these weeks before the summer, when there is usually a greater influx of travelers for the vacation period. Be that as it may, the railway company has explained that it hopes to solve the problem in just a few hours, despite the fact that the incident has been dragging on for a few days.

It is therefore expected that, in addition to the tickets, other offers related to the summer season will appear shortly and users will have the opportunity to book the desired trips as normal. We will remain attentive to inform you about the resolution of this incident on the Renfe website.