Meccanoid G15, the Meccano robot for children and not so children


Although there are more and more models of children's robots on the market for children to play, the Meccanoid G15 and Meccanoid G15KS robots from Meccano are an excellent option for fans of this curious construction game.

The most interesting thing about these two models is that you have to assemble them yourself, since you receive the Meccano parts and the assembly instructions, as well as everything you need to know about programming. You put in your hands an advanced robotic construction platform, yet easy to use.

Meccanoid G15, the robot for the little ones

Meccanoid G15 is 61 cm tall and is designed to interact with the little ones in the house. It has six realistic motion motors to move around the house and perform gestures: four smart servos in the arm area that remember your movements and another two motors that activate the movement of the feet.


The Meccanoid G15 pack is made up of 600 Meccano pieces , three assembly tools and instructions to carry out the task.

It works with four alkaline batteries LR14, C.

Meccanoid G15KS, the challenge of assembling more than 1000 pieces

If you want to enjoy the assembly of your robot even more, you are interested in the Meccanoid G15KS , which is made up of 1,188 pieces (it also comes with instructions and three tools to assemble all the components).

This model has ten motors for realistic movements : two motors to operate the feet and eight intelligent servos distributed in the head and arms that remember your movements.

The robot is 122 cm tall and is powered by a rechargeable Ni-MH battery .

Pre-programmed phrases, LED eyes and operation from the smartphone

Apart from the motors for the movement, the number of parts and the total height, the two robots offer very similar characteristics and functions. Both the Meccanoid G15 and Meccanoid G15KS have LED eyes of more than 500 colors and an eight channel microcontroller called  Meccacerebro , with 64 Mb of flash memory (firmware can be updated via USB).

The robots already have a wide range of pre-programmed phrases: more than 1000 in total, including curiosities, questions and even jokes. Meccanoid G15 and Meccanoid G15KS can also perform other interactive activities such as dancing , exercising, practicing kung fu or even “high five”. In total, 12 interactivity modes are available , plus an Autonomous Personality mode   affected by the environment.

In addition, the Meccanoid incorporate a voice recognition system and respond to more than 30 voice commands already programmed, but you can also record your own commands. They can also be programmed in advanced ways using three innovative functions: MIA (Learned Intelligent Motion) , Motion Capture and Ragdoll Avatar .

The robots interact with smart devices via Bluetooth , and you can also control them from your smartphone with the free applications for Android and iOS .