2015 calendar to print, download more than 100 free templates

Calendar 2015 01

2015 is just around the corner , so you have to do a couple of things: the first, write the traditional list with all your best purposes (whether you are going to fulfill them or not); the second, and most importantly,  create the new 2015 calendar that will hang in your room, office, kitchen or dining room from day one. To make things easier for you, at Tuexperto.com we have decided to collect and propose you to download a good number of calendar templates for this 2015. There are many shapes and colors to choose from depending on the tastes and needs of each consumer. In this way, you can create a fun calendar to surprise your loved ones; family, with images of your children or nephews; functional , to hang in the office and that nobody forgets a single meeting or school , to keep up to date with the working days and holidays of this same course and part of the next.

You will have the option to download, save and send them for free in digital format or what is more interesting, print them to hang them on a cork, give them to your parents or share them with colleagues at the office. Here you have more than a hundred interesting proposals, as well as some templates to make crafts with your children during these Christmas holidays. Ready to start planning for 2015? Well let's go!

Calendar 2015 02

Microsoft Office Templates

So let's start with the most accessible option: the one provided by Microsoft through Office , the office suite par excellence. The Redmond company has an online page from which you can download a lot of templates to edit in any program in its ecosystem. We refer, logically, to Word , Power Point or Publisher, text editors, presentations and publications, very very easy to use. On the page that we offer you (you have the link above) you will find some specific proposals. However, we hope that in the coming days, this same space will be filled with many more templates that will help you create the new calendar and better organize your next year 2015 . But what can we find around here?

Twelve months on one page

If you are one of those looking for a practical calendar, here is the solution. The Microsoft company  proposes a twelve-month calendar on a single page that at a single glance will allow you to see, month by month, all business days and holidays . The good thing about this calendar is that you can also customize it. As you can see (you will have to take a look at this link ), this 2015 calendar contains a vertical strip with an image, in this case of a flowery branch, which you can modify for any other that you think is better. You must bear in mind that this calendar is customizable through Publisher 2013 and that there are two different versions: on the one hand you have onein which the weeks start on Sunday; another that may be more comfortable for you, since they start on Monday, as is usual in most calendars that we handle.

Calendar 2015 03

A page-by-page calendar

The next template that we want to recommend you is a page-by-page calendar , which will allow you to enjoy much more space to add notes to the different days, as well as personalize with personal images. You can also leave the calendar comes standard, but do its own if insert pages your own photographs : those that have done according to each season of the year, those in which your children or appear snapshots more fun with your team working together. As with the previous calendar, this is also available in two options: with the weeks from Monday to Sunday or from Sunday to Saturday. This calendar is also customizable with Publisher 2013 .

Academic calendars

If you have not yet made the academic calendar (remember that this is valid from September 2014 to June 2015 ), you can also do it now. And the thing is that Microsoft has different templates posted to create a calendar to match your needs: with plenty of space to write down which day the end-of-year festival, the parents' meeting or the usual exams is held. They are, without a doubt, very useful calendars , both for teachers, as well as for students and parents. You will find templates to modify and / or customize in Word and in Power Point .

Calendars for kids

Now that Christmas is coming and with it the children's vacation period, perhaps it would be interesting that one of the activities to do at home is to prepare a calendar for the whole family or to give to uncles and grandparents. In the trunk templates Microsoft have you found proposals for the calendar month with drawings to paint , to write down the birthdays of all family members a fun Valentine calendar and the calendar classic Advent . If you have time, you can take a look at this page to see these and other interesting proposals.

Calendar 2015 04

Perpetual calendars

If none of these proposals are to your liking, remember that you will always have the option of signing up for perpetual calendars : those that will be useful in any year, also outside of 2015 . Here are some family calendar templates to edit in Word . There are them with more careful designs, with flowers, to organize studies, make weekly homework assignments, customizable in practical Excel tables, systems to control expenses, plan events in the office and even one to carry the pregnancy day .

If you are also a forecaster, you will also have the opportunity to download the first calendar for 2016 . Be that as it may, you can take a look at this wide variety of proposals (and many more) by clicking on this link or by doing any search such as "2015 calendar" , "calendars" or "any year calendars" to find more ideas in the form of templates for Microsoft Office . All are free and downloadable in a few seconds.

Calendar 2015 05

Free calendars for Word, Excel and PDF

It is very possible that you already know this tool, it is one of the most popular that exists on the Internet. This is WinCalendar , a space from which you can download a large number of calendars to edit in Word, Excel and PDF . All you have to do is enter the page and click on the year that interests you: in this case, 2015 , although you have a lot of years to choose from. If you're not so far-sighted, just click on the following year. Nothing else. In this case, in addition to being able to choose between the normal calendars (of the entire year or month by month), you will be able to select calendars with the United States holidays, but also from other countries (in our case, it would be with holidays in Spain ), school calendars and others, such as an agenda, to organize our professional, personal or class tasks.

This option is very interesting because it allows you to work in the format that is most comfortable for you: Word or Excel . For both, you will find all the templates mentioned, with the advantage of being able to modify them as you wish (adding the text, colors and images you want) and print them later. Then you also have the opportunity to test with PDF documents , with all the options that we have mentioned so far included.

But if you are not satisfied with these templates, you also have another option: surely more expensive, in terms of time. It is software specially designed for Word and Excel that will allow you to create your own personalized calendar. The functionality is added as one more in the program and is fully integrated into the toolbars . To download it, you will only have to go to the Calendar Maker section , download it and follow the instructions provided by Win Calendar .

Calendar 2015 06

HP calendars

It's an all-year classic: fun calendars from HP . The popular printer manufacturer offers its customers (and non-customers) a space to download customizable calendar templates. To enjoy this tool you will have to access the official page of HP Photo Creations and download the program , completely free. Once installed, you will see that you have the option of creating monthly calendars with your favorite photographs, distinguishing between personal or family and professional templates, designed to be ordered online , but also to print at home without any problem.

Family and professional calendars

They are the ones that we can create to hang on the fridge at home, on the desk or as a gift to our loved ones. HP offers different proposals that you can take a look and download: fully customizable month-by-month calendars, Christmas and with different interesting designs (autumn leaves, fireworks, snow, flowers, diamonds and many other patterns). You can add your personal photographs to all of them and make them become the most endearing gifts. Access the link we have provided to download the templates and use them in the HP Photo Creations program .

If you have a business or a professional office, you can also access the same section of calendars for Business or businesses. You will see that the templates are identical to the familiar ones, so in this case, all you have to do is add more suitable photos or leave the ones already proposed by HP . You can also print the calendars in the office or place an order online to receive them comfortably by post.

Calendar 2015 07

Calendars to order and receive at home

But what if the printer I have does not offer enough quality? Luckily, instead of printing your new calendar through the printer you have at home, you can order this task online. One option that we find interesting is the one proposed by Photobox.es , a space from which in addition to printing your photographs, you can design your own calendars and receive them after a few days at home by mail. It is clear that in this case we are not facing a free service . The calendars that you can find on this website have prices that can range between 8 and 18 euros per month, with the possibility of benefiting from interesting offers for the acquisition of more units.

Different formats to adapt to your needs

There are as many types of calendars as templates you can find online. In this case, you can enjoy A3 calendars ; large in size, with very large images and a truly elegant design; there are also the A4 calendars and calendars to hang in the kitchen, with a slimmer and more vertical design, so that it is especially comfortable for passageways; the family calendar , in a single A3 format that supports personalized text and images, which will be very useful when inserting important dates for the family and of course, birthdays. Finally, we must also highlight the Collage calendar, prepared for us to locate different personal photographs in two different sizes.

Special calendars

This same service offers us the possibility of ordering special calendars . We have to refer to the classic table calendars , luxury editions that the most classic will like a lot. You can also include your personal or professional photographs without any problem and make the order online to receive it in a few days at your home.

An original proposal: an agenda with personal photos

And now we go for the last proposal: one of the most special and useful that we find on this online page. We refer to the agenda. This service offers the possibility of personalizing its pages with our images, which will give this organizational tool a very special touch. You will be able to choose between three different diaries: the first is what they call Luxury-Diary , made up of more photos and a high-quality paper (160 grams), at a cost of 22 euros; the second is the Medium Agenda , with a slightly smaller size and with 135 gram paper for 18 euros and the Pocket Agenda , the smallest you will find for 14 euros. The good thing about this tool is that you canstart the agenda for the month you want and enjoy interesting discounts if you buy more than one unit.

Calendar 2015 09

Calendars to cut, assemble and glue.

But if you have a little more time, you can also cut and paste. On the Internet you will find different cut-out calendars. You can get yourself a calendar in the shape of a dodecahedron to print, assemble and place on your desk and rotate as the months go by. It is a calendar that you can download completely free of charge. However, if you dare to pay for the calendar that you will have on your table during the next year 2015, on the page of this company called Just In You you will find a cutout to make very nice origami. It only costs 8.90 euros and contains a couple of sheets to assemble, plus an instructions page. You just have to access thepage of this calendar for 2015 and add it to your shopping cart. If you buy more units you will benefit from discounts. You can also take advantage of taking a look at this store, where you have several cut-out figurines, also designed for this Christmas.

Calendar 2015 08

Join the fashion of Instagram

And now we are going to take a look at other proposals, perhaps more alternatives, but much more interesting in the field of design. We have found a site called Calendagram that offers users the ability to insert their best photos posted on Instagram into their new calendar for 2015 . Actually we are facing an application that allows you to manage the design through your mobile and in a few steps to find a most traditional result : a calendar that you can print on paper and that will be brought home for $ 12 would be about 10 euros, approximately . But what do you have to do to create your own calendar in this service?

Your instagrammer calendar, step by step

The first thing you have to do, of course, is download the application and install it on your mobile. It is a free app that is currently only available for iPhone , so if you have an Android device , you will not be able to use it. Then, you will only have to access your Instagram account (you will see that it connects directly) and choose your best creations to enter them in each of the months. Select the designs that you like the most and get to work. Luckily, and for your convenience, you can modify the online calendar template, in a much more practical and faster way, with the possibility of choosing if you want the weeks to start on Monday or Sunday. Finally, you only have to click on the Buy this calendar option to buy it and order the delivery .

And now for Android mobile users

More than ninety percent of smartphone users use Android as their operating system, so now that Instagram is already available for all platforms, it will be necessary for us to pay attention to another proposal based on Google icons. This is Prinstagram , a company that is dedicated to making impressions of different elements with Instagram photos of users. You will see that you have at your disposal the printing of photographic albums, pictures, posters, magnets, mini-books and calendars . As you can see on its page, you will see that we are facing one of the most original proposals that we have seen so far.

What the user will take home is a calendar with 365 images (one for each day of the year) in the form of a block, in the style of a post-it block. A thinner paper is used for this product, which gives the photographs a very warm look. Its dimensions are 8.5 x 7.0 centimeters and its price reaches 40 dollars, about 33 euros at the current exchange rate , with the possibility of choosing a design and receiving it comfortably at home, also in our country. Yes, this company ships internationally , so you shouldn't have a problem ordering it for this Christmas. All orders from this date will be made for 2015 calendars .

2015 calendar 10

Advent calendars or how to say hello! to christmas

Before, in the section dedicated to calendars for Word and Excel we have talked about a template for the advent calendar. As you may already know, Advent calendars are those that begin on December 1 and end on the 24th of the same month , which would be a kind of countdown to Christmas. Its origin dates back to the 19th century in Protestant Germany , in which a candle was lit for each day of the month of Advent. It is a tradition in which children have been true protagonists and continue to be today. You will remember, in fact, that the calendars that we can find for sale today (this has been the case since it was made for the first time in the 1920s) contain a chocolate bar or a candyfor each day that passes before the expected Christmas Eve , at which time the children receive their first gifts from Santa Claus.

The Advent calendar can be purchased at any bookstore, but the truth is that it is much more original to make it at home , printing the calendar on our own printer and making, for example, our sweets with the collaboration of the little ones. Here is a good idea to do an activity together any afternoon of this vacation. If you want to do it this way, we simply recommend doing a Google search with the words “advent calendar”. You will find a wide assortment of interesting designs, ready to print without doing any editing: this includes a good purpose for each day and this  other contains messages for those who are believersand they want uplifting advice for this age. You can also opt for these cut-out dates, which you can  hang on the tree as decoration , or select this one that contains some  beautiful illustrations .

2015 calendar 11

Cutouts to print and play with children

But if in addition to printing you want to have a good time with the children, you can take a look at these cut-out advent calendars . First of all, we propose you this collection of  buildings with dates that after mounting, you can use to play . All you have to do is print the templates that we provide in the link above, cut out and assemble. If you do not like this option (the truth is that at first glance it is not very Christmassy), you also have the option of opting for a more obvious proposal . It is about some  of the most colorful Santa Claus that you can assemble in cardboard, on a plastic cup and writing the number of the day in the central star.Download the template here , print it and get to work.

Finally, we want to recommend another cut-out advent calendar that, in addition to being very original, is also ecological. And you can do it by reusing the cartons of the toilet paper rolls that have already been finished. In this case we are also before the most endearing characters of Christmas: the three Wise Men and Santa Claus . You can choose from a polka dot design , a retro star print, or a floral background .

And here are the proposals to create your new or new calendars for next year 2015 . As you can see, we have summarized a large number of templates to edit and personalize at will and print at your own home , without having to spend a single euro or paying very little, if you prefer to order it and receive it by post.