How to prevent Windows 8 screen from turning off automatically

How to prevent Windows 8 screen from turning off automatically 1

It has probably happened to you sometime. You start to download a file or film ; a, or let the computer performing a task given. You come back after a while and you find the screen turned off and the task you were carrying out interrupted. To avoid this problem, there is a feature within Windows 8 that disables automatic shutdown. If you have not yet discovered how to use it, we will tell you step by step how to configure the shutdown of the screen and the equipment after a period of inactivity.

Despite the changes that the Windows 8 interface has undergone , an important part of the configuration options work in the same way as in the previous Windows 7 version (as is the case). There are several ways to access your computer's power settings . On the one hand, if we are working from a laptop we can click on the battery symbol in the task bar at the bottom of the desktop. Then we click on "More power options" again. Within the window that appears there is an option called "Choose when the screen turns off."

How to prevent Windows 8 screen from turning off automatically 2

Finally, through the window we can choose the time it takes for the system to dim the screen, turn off the screen and make the computer go into sleep mode. To ensure that we do not have any type of problem when downloading files or leaving pending tasks, we select the option "Never" within the shutdown configuration in sleep mode. It is also useful to change the other settings to prevent the screen from turning off if, for example, we are watching a movie. The time range can go from one minute to five hours or never.

Another way to access the display settings on the control panel is through the context menu on the right side of the screen . From the desktop we drag the mouse to the lower or upper right part and then click on "Settings". At the top of this strip is the option to access the control panel. Within the list we click on "Hardware and sound". Under the title of "Power Options" click on "Change the frequency with which the equipment goes into sleep". This will take us to the same screen that we had accessed before.

The third way to access the control panel is through the advanced commands menu. This menu appears when we right-click in the lower left corner of the screen from any application. The Control Panel option is the fifth from the bottom. Undoubtedly, it is a very interesting option to prevent the screen from turning off when we have left some type of activity going, such as downloading a file or processing a video. This trick improves the functionality of the system in both Windows 8 and Windows 7.