Is the Nintendo Switch worth buying?

Is the Nintendo Switch worth buying?

Nintendo's latest console has been surrounded by much controversy since the day of its launch . In front of the fans of the Japanese brand, many users have complained that the Nintendo Switch has focused on aesthetic tricks without providing functionalities that put it at the height of the competition.

We wanted to be as objective as possible and we decided to make a list with the pros and cons of this controversial console , and expose them so that you have the necessary data to make the best decision.

In favor

Single catalog

The main distinguishing element of Nintendo, and what it relies on, are its own games. The Mario, Zelda or Fire Emblem saga, among others, are sufficient guarantee to receive a large number of loyalists to the brand , since few can compete in their field. Platforms and classic RPG are owned by Nintendo.

Innovative and modern design

It is clear that Nintendo does not like to participate with the same rules as everyone else. He has already taken it upon himself to invent a new way to play with the Wii, and now he wants to do it again with the Switch. We are facing a groundbreaking idea, which destroys the boundaries between portable and desktop consoles . In addition, aesthetically it is very successful.

portable nintendo switch

Take it with you

In addition to aesthetics, the Nintendo Swtich has high functionality. You can take it with you anywhere , taking up little space and being really light, while ensuring a large screen size. It is the step that the Wii U lacked and that Nintendo Switch has finished taking.

Divisible remote

Joy-con are another one of those 100% Nintendo inventions. By using the console in desktop format, we can use the two sides as separate controls , allowing the use for two people without having to make extra purchases. A savings for the player and a prodigy of inventiveness.

Loading speed

Nintendo has wanted to offer us a console with a high level of performance, a worked and optimized software so that its games load without problems. No uncomfortable waiting before playing each game.

Dock Nintendo Switch


"Only" a game console

While Sony and Microsoft try to focus their consoles in a broader way, oriented towards apps and streaming, the Nintendo Switch continues to focus on its main objective, playing games . They recently admitted that they had planned to include services such as Netflix or Amazon Video, but the truth is that it has not happened yet, and they are not even talking about specific dates.

Reduced catalog

From the outset, Nintendo surprises us with its Super Mario Odyssey and its Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild . It also advertises a FIFA and an NBA 2K, but its launch catalog was only 26 games . We are recently hearing about new games added to the catalog, but we are still talking about a reduced total number.

To this we add that the Nintendo Switch does not support Wii, Wii U or 3DS games , and that leaves players a bit soulless, as much as the new Zelda is a great game.

zelda breath of the wild

Image quality debatable

While Sony is already looking for 4K in the resolution of its games, Nintendo is satisfied with a simple 1,080 pixels in the desktop version, and 720 pixels in the portable format . Any user looking for high definition image in their games, who knows that this is not the strong point of the Nintendo Switch.

Return to cartridge

Nintendo Switch games work with cartridges, something that may have some positive elements (mainly that games last better over time), but a huge negative consequence. If someone wanted to use their Nintendo Switch to watch DVD or Blu-Ray movies , they can forget about it. No movies then.

Uncompetitive price

A price that exceeds 300 euros is not the best idea when it comes to becoming the alternative to consoles as strong as the PS4 or the Xbox One, which can also boast of features that the Nintendo console lacks. Apparently, the first sales statistics are very good for Nintendo, however, it is inevitable to wonder if that level of sales will be maintained over time at that price.

Here you have the data on the table. Now it's up to you to interpret what has more weight , functionality versus speed, a large catalog versus your own titles or cartridge versus Blu-Ray. What do you keep? Remember that your comments are always welcome.