The Madrid City Council auctions iPhone and iPads from 15 euros

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iPads for 15 euros , iPhones for 30 euros,  Macbooks for 100 ... it seems a lie, but it is real, and it is happening today, in Madrid . These are products without an owner , stacked in the Lost and Found Office . Many times we wonder what to do with all those products, found in buses, taxis, libraries, and other public areas. The Madrid City Council has answered that question through an auction that begins today and will last until November. In total, more than 1,300 luxury or high-end objects from all sectors, which were foundwithout an owner and did not claim them for 2 years , freeing the City Council to make use of them, in a measure that encourages exchange and recycling . It so happens that there are so many treasured products in the Apple range without an owner, that the Madrid City Council has decided to create a special bid for products with the apple brand. The result is really low starting prices: iPhones for 40 euros, Macbook Air for 125 euros, iPads for 15 and 20 euros… is it worth bidding or not?


Online and face-to-face auction

We have two ways to participate in the auction, in person or virtually , through the page  , owned by Surus Inversa , which is the company that has set up this project in collaboration with the Madrid City Council . The auction of lost Apple products will begin earlier via the web, from today to October 20 , and what is not sold in that batch will have a second chance in the face -to- face batch from October 27 to November 3 at Durán Arte y Subastas ( Goya street, 19). Obviously, you don't have to be from MadridFor neither of the two modalities, just provide the valid DNI when coming in person, or scan it in the online version, after registering on the website . Yesterday there were already more than 500 people registered , so hurry up if you are interested, this is  running like wildfire . So much so that right now the server is overloaded , and the web page loads at a slow speed.


Who gets the proceeds?

The 90% of the proceeds it will be the municipal coffers , and reinvest in community services. The remaining 10% will go to the companies chosen by public tender, Surus Inversa  and the auction house Durán Arte y Subastas .


It is important that you take into account one aspect: Apple products are easily lockable in case of theft, loss or loss, with which, it is very likely that many of the products that you find being auctioned will  not work . Or that they turn on but do not have the call options enabled , for example, in the case of mobile phones. That will certainly not stop many, but it is important that you take it into account before going blind . It is a good offer , if you know what to do with the product. One last piece of information: keep in mind that, since the products have had to be retained for 2 yearsWithout being claimed, you will not find any more advanced model than an iPad Air or an iPhone 6 .