How to fix common Steam problems with controllers

How to fix common Steam issues with controllers

Are you having trouble using your game controllers with Steam? We explain the most useful tips that you can use to try to solve the operating problems of your controls on the PC. We recently published an article on how to use all console controllers on PC, do not miss the opportunity to take a look.

Test with both wired and wireless connection

Test with both wireless and cable connection

There may be bugs in the software , especially with the beta client, which can be specific to either method of connecting the controllers.

This will also fix the problem if your USB cable is faulty, or your wireless receiver is faulty or damaged for some reason. It is one of the most important basic troubleshooting techniques.

Check there are no phantom controls

Phantom controllers or controls appear on some occasions , which can interfere with their normal operation. This problem can especially affect you if you use the sleep function of your computer or laptop.

This happens because, when your computer goes to sleep mode while the controller is on and connected, Steam has a tendency to leave the controller there, and then add another controller when your PC resumes. The problem is that this can confuse Steam , preventing the controller from working properly.

First, we need to open Steam Big Picture and enter the options menu. From here we have to select the option to manage the controls.

Check there are no phantom controls 1Check there are no phantom controls 2

The only way to get rid of these without getting up and removing the receiver is to restart the PC , something that Valve allows you to do from Big Picture for convenience.

Change the wireless receiver to another USB port

Move the wireless receiver on your controller to another USB port on your computer. This will force Windows to detect the controller again . There is also the possibility that you have a USB port that cannot supply enough power, especially with the front USB ports of PC cases, or those that are in a hub.

You may also have problems with some ports, if your motherboard uses a different driver for some USB ports. Specifically, you should try to avoid USB 3.0 ports , as they can leak more electromagnetic interference than a USB 2.0 port.

Perform a remote calibration

One feature that is so often overlooked is the calibration of the game controllers. Most users, if they do, will run it once when they get their new controller and never again.

Windows 10 includes a keyfob calibration tool . What this option does is zero the "home" position of all controls, including analog sticks, triggers, gyros, and all buttons.

To perform a calibration of your controller, you need to access the " Configure USB game devices " section of the Windows 10 control panel. Once you have selected the desired controller, you will see a button to calibrate at the bottom right of the screen.

calibrate controls windows 10 1calibrate controls windows 10 2

After performing the calibration, it is recommended that you check that everything works correctly .

calibrate controls windows 10 3

Close all unnecessary software

Some controllers on the market come with their own configuration software, which may have incompatibilities with some applications on your PC , which can interfere with their operation.

This applies more to any software that manages controls. Anything that comes with the keyboard or mouse or any other controller should be closed while doing these troubleshooting tips.