LG's goal with the Smart Green challenge


LG has a great commitment to our planet. The company has created the Smart Green Challenge , an initiative to reduce CO2 emissions on the planet through different actions. We tell you what this challenge consists of and how LG products can contribute to an improvement for the environment.

The main reason for the LG Smart Green Challenge is to reduce CO2 emissions , save on electricity, water and protect the environment through recycling. The company carries out different campaigns, such as the reforestation of 1.5 million trees in the Alcoroches Natural Park, in Guadalajara, and many of its devices are involved.

Many of LG's products have a Smart Green badge , this means that they have passed different tests to be efficient devices, which allow us to save on light, water or electricity through their technology, materials or system options. Every product helps the environment in one way or another.

Energy savings of up to 76 percent

  • LG washing machines allow us to save up to 53 percent in the consumption of light that is destined for this device. LG currently has 18 washing machines with the Smart Green badge.
  • With LG refrigerators we can save up to 70 percent in the consumption of the electricity bill. There are 14 Smart Green refrigerators.
  • The firm's air conditioners have energy savings of up to 76 percent .
  • The OLED TV LG also make a great contribution to the challenge Smart Green . According to the company, they manage to save up to 64 percent in electricity consumption in a year and compared to LCD panels, 16 percent less weight, which helps us reduce CO2 emissions up to 3,000 tons per year. .
  • LG UltraWide monitors reduce  power consumption by up to 31 percent .
  • The company's laser projectors also carry this mark, reducing electricity consumption by 52 percent compared to conventional LCD projectors.

In addition to these models, upcoming LG devices that will go on sale soon, such as the LG G8s, will have the Smart Green badge. This LG flagship has collaborated through different ways with reforestation in the Alcoroches Natural Park.