D-Link DIR-505, all in one: charger, WiFi and LAN


The D-Link DIR-505 is one of those devices designed to solve various problems . In this case, the device bulks more or less the same as a wall freshener and can help us a lot if we accumulate enough electronic gadgets at home.

On the one hand, it is a charger that is compatible with equipment that charges its battery through a USB port. This charging format is catching on on almost all mobile devices, such as phones or tablets. Most of the chargers of these devices are no longer a cable with a port at the end, but consist of two parts. On the one hand, we find an adapter that is plugged into the network and converts the electrical current to adapt it to our devices. On the other, a USB cable that connects to the adapter on one side and on the other to the device.


It is a very practical format because one adapter can be used for many different devices, but it has a disadvantage. As it consists of two parts, it is easier to lose it. Therefore, a reserve adapter can come in handy if we have several of these devices.

But the D-Link DIR-505 is not a simple network adapter. Its main function is to help us connect various devices to each other. One of its most interesting functions is to amplify the WiFi signal. In many homes, the router is far from some of the devices. Not all houses are distributed on one floor and we cannot always put the router in the center of the house. For this reason, it is common that sometimes the signal does not reach all devices correctly.

With this device we can solve a good part of this problem. If the signal does not reach the entire house properly, we can plug the D-Link DIR-505 into a distant or rarely used outlet, such as in a hallway. The device collects the WiFi signal and amplifies it , so that devices that do not receive it well can better navigate the Internet .


The other interesting function of this device is the creation of home networks. The USB port that it has is not only used to charge batteries, but it can also network the contents of the equipment that we plug into it. For example, if we connect a hard disk, a memory stick or a computer to its USB port , we can access its content wirelessly. In this way, we could see on our tablet or phone a movie that was stored on the hard drive . It can also be accessed from a computer .

To access from a mobile or tablet you need to install an application on the mobile or tablet . It is free and is provided by the manufacturer itself, D-Link . It's called  D-Link Shareport Mobile and it's available for Android devices as well as iPhone or iPad. What is not free is the device itself, but its price is not too high for all the possibilities it offers: 60 euros.