✅ Topsify, the new thing from Spotify to listen to Top songs of 2019

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After the long disappearance of Topsify from the official Spotify application, the tool specialized in Top Songs has returned to both the desktop version and the application for Android and iOS. As the name itself indicates, Topsify is a tool hosted in the Spotify application that, among other things, creates Top Songs based on the user. And it is that in addition to showing the famous Top 50 in Spain and the Viral Top, it is capable of generating a personalized Top that varies depending on the time of day and our place of residence .

Topsify creates Top songs and custom playlists

The new Spotify feature arrived today without much pain or glory. As we have anticipated at the beginning of the article, Topsify is a new tool implemented in Spotify and whose authorship is signed by Warner Music that creates playlists of songs based on the time of day and the country where we have the original Spotify account registered.

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The tool in question is displayed on the Spotify Home screen showing several playlists that the algorithm considers to be of interest to us. At the moment, the section dedicated to Topsify shows up to four different lists, which may vary based on the parameters that we have just mentioned.

Top 50 Viral Spain, The 40 Hits and The Best of 2019 are some of the lists that the tool proposes on Spotify, in addition to Successes to work and other lists that adjust their songs depending on the time of day. We can also access the lists and Top of songs from other countries by following the Topsify profiles in each country.

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We leave you below with several of the most popular profiles of the application:

  • Topsify US
  • Topsify UK
  • Topsify Deutschland
  • Topsify Portugal
  • Topsify Mexico
  • Topsify Argentina
  • Topsify Spain

In the event that we have hidden Topsify through the dedicated option in Spotify, we can resort to the homonymous website to find the lists and Top hits that the tool creates throughout the world, although this time they lose the essence of customization.

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Among other options that the web offers, we can filter the Top songs by genre and mood . Another option to not miss the Topsify playlists is to follow the respective Topsify accounts through the links we just listed.