JustDeleteMe, how to delete website subscriptions

justdelete me

Joining any website is an easy operation to perform; just fill out a more or less long form. On the other hand, unsubscribe or delete an account from a web page is not an easy task. In fact, in some services it is practically impossible to delete the account. Often the excuse is that perhaps the Internet user in the future changes his mind and wants to register again. This is why an initiative like Just Delete Me is so useful. It is a directory with links that offers information on how to delete yourself from the main Internet sites, from Spotify or Skyp e, through Twitter, Google, Facebook or Amazon , toiTunes, PayPal, Yahoo, Flickr or Dropbox , among others.

In addition, the best thing is that it includes a link to the specific page of each service to unsubscribe ; just click on the name. If that does not exist, the link leads to a contact or help page where the process to delete the account is explained. Currently, Just Delete Me brings together twenty-nine sites in total, and classifies them into four categories, color-coded. The green means that the process of removing the account is straightforward. The yellow indicates greater difficulty of the process. In red colorThose cases appear in which the user cannot completely delete his subscription, but must contact the customer service. Lastly, the black color means that the account on that site cannot be deleted.

justdelete me

Hovering the mouse over the specific site name displays a summary of the deletion requirements in the most complex scenarios. For example, in the case of Amazon , you have to send an email with the request to close the account. If it is PayPal , it is essential to return any physical disk that the Internet user has received so that the deletion is complete. It is the same condition imposed on Lovefilm to cancel the subscription. To disappear Skype you need to contact customer service; They ask for five contacts from the Skype list, the month the account was created, and the email address used at the time of signing up. In iTunesIt is also essential to communicate with customer service; the user totally loses access to any content that he has not previously downloaded to his computer before requesting the cancellation.

Two sites (Netflix and WordPress) appear on the Just Delete Me blacklist , from which it is not possible to delete. In Netflix , even having requested the cancellation to the customer service, they may not delete the account because the user may want to sign up again in the future and thus keep their history and recommendations saved. For its part, WordPress clearly warns: accounts cannot be deleted; the only thing that can be done is to delete all personal data from the account.

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