Fortnite map, more than 100 images to view and download

Fortnite map, more than 100 images to view and download

Do you know the Fortnite map? It is one of the attractions of the game, a large island with more than 20 important places, mountains, rivers and even lakes. The Fortnite map is constantly changing with new locations, building works, surfaces, and new rivers or areas. Although within the game you can see the map, we show you more than 100 images available to view and download , either to organize your games with friends or learn the locations.

Fortnite map overview


This is the latest map from Epic Games' Battle Royale game. Here we can see the entire island with the different locations . The Bus that launches the players takes different routes. Even so, you can perfectly reach any location.

fortnite overview map

Vision of the Fortnite map with the game interface

Do you want to know where the chests are located in each location? This web page has a map where we can see the different locations. As well as the chests that we can find . We must emphasize that in normal games 100 percent of the chests are not activated. Therefore, it is likely that your game will not appear one. They are activated in some limited game modes, or in the "Playground" mode.

Center area of ​​the map

Fortnite's Tilted Floor Map

Chopped floors is without a doubt the most dangerous city on the entire map . One of the largest locations, with more chests and weapons. That is why it is so crowded with players. It is considered the most dangerous part of the map, as it is easily accessible. Being in the center, the bus is likely to pass nearby. Otherwise, arriving by parachute is easier.

Here you can see another perspective.

Fortnite Underground Socavón Map

Underground sinkhole is another of the most important locations. Also because it is located in the center of the map and is a large location.

Balsa Botín Fortnite Map

Loot raft is also a very large area, although it is hated by many users , as the water in the large raft makes the player walk more slowly. Here the construction is more difficult.

If you want a different view of the lake you can see this image.

Fortnite Salt Manor Map

Señorío de la Sal is very close to sinkhole. Again, a location where many players fall.

North Zone

Fortnite Sybarite Society Map

Sybarite Society is a new location that arrived with Season 5 . Here are several images of this large golf course with a luxury estate, which includes a swimming pool, tennis court and different apartments. It is located north of the map.

Map of Tomate de Fornite Town

Tomato Town is a small location where we find several chests.

Fortnite Compromised Reels Map


Compromised Reels is a location that arrived with Season 4 , after the meteorite crash. It is an open-air cinema with a large number of chests and a lot of material.

Junk Junction Fortnite Map

If you want to obtain metal for your constructions, Chiringuito Chatarra is your location. A junkyard full of cars and surrounded by a forest with large trees.

Map of Fornite de Lomas Lúgubres

The scariest location on the entire Fortnite map is Gloomy Hills, a stone graveyard far off the map and surrounded by trees. A quiet place to collect materials, weapons and objects.

Alameda Howling Fortnite Map

Last but not least, Alameda howl at you. It is the forest on the Fortnite map , a place with few chests and weapons, but perfect for obtaining resources for its large trees, it is located near "Tomato Town". In this image you can see the entire extension of the Soto Solitario forest.

South Zone

Lethal Latifundio Fortnite Map

Lethal latifundio is a large farm where we can collect all kinds of materials. Although it is a poor area in chests, not many players usually fall. Therefore, we can come out with good weaponry.

Fortnite Ostentatious Oasis Map

Ostentatious Oasis is a new location located in the old Leaky Pond.  It is a city in the middle of the desert, a very busy location, with many buildings and lots of chests.

Fortnite Lucky Landing Map


Lucky landing.  On the occasion of the Chinese New Year , the Fortnite map was updated with a new location. A small oriental-themed town to the south of the map. A quiet area with many chests, weapons and objects.

Fortnite Odorless Industries Map

Industrias inodoras is its neighboring location. An abandoned toilet factory . It is also a quiet area, but very secluded from the center.

Fortnite Cholesterol Village Map

Caserío Colesterol, another great city with many houses, a great restaurant and many weapons.

Twisted Tunnels Fortnite Map

Tortuous tunnels. Again, a central location. It is an abandoned mine located very close to “Pisos picados” , a complicated place due to its tunnels, since it is difficult to escape.

Z0na east

Fortnite Solitary Soto Map

Soto Solitaire, as its name suggests, is a camp located in one of the edges of the map , a quiet area but with many materials and chests.

Fortnite Commerce City Map

Commerce city is also very busy. Department stores, several houses and many chests . In this area, obtaining materials is very simple.

West zone

Fortnite Pleasant Park Map

Pleasant Park is a very busy location if the bus passes nearby . A town with a large green area, different houses and many, many chests.

Map of Ribera Repipi de Fornite

Ribera Repipi, a luxury urbanization with large houses, hidden chests and many, many doors.

Unnamed locations


Viking Mountain is one of the busiest unnamed locations. Many users decide to land in this new area, since it is easy to access, large in size and with lots of chests and materials. Also, the Viking mountain has a large waterfall and many gaps to scroll the map quickly. The coordinates are

The area known as "Metals" or "containers" is a good place to look to collect materials, since it is in an area with trees around it. Within the area we also find pallets and the same containers that can be destroyed.

The new desert area on the Fortnite map is gigantic. We found several unnamed places such as the race track, a junkyard, a large archway, a dinosaur exhibit, and a very picturesque town.

Here you have a different view of the desert area.


The Mansion of Heroes is a grand house away from civilization with stunning sea views. We also find a large amount of materials, weapons and objects.


One location that didn't go unnoticed in season 4 is the villains' lair. A key scenario also for season 5. From here the rocket that caused the breaches took off.


The giant chair is on one of the edges of the map . A small area where players hardly fall, but we did find quite a few weapons and objects.


On the Fortnite map there are different constructions. There is the chair mentioned above, this flame made of metals and a house with an extra building. 


This abandoned motel (for a change on the Fortnite map) is to the north of the map. A large area with many chests and easily accessible. It came with season 4. The poster for this motel disappeared because of a breach caused by the rocket.


Last season he left us locations like this. A small recording set , perfect for collecting materials when we are passing through. fabrica_fortnite_02

The factory is another of the busiest nameless places. With different ships (one of them is a disco) where you can collect many materials, weapons and objects. Here you can see it from the air.

The football stadium is an area near Pisos Picados . It is usually very crowded and there are different chests scattered around the area.

Throughout the map we will find bridges that cross over the river, abandoned houses, lakes, mountains and roads among others. Here we show some pictures.