Connect to the Internet with Tele2?


Here is a diary about what can happen when you call a telephone operator (Tele2 in this case) to do something, apparently so simple, like requesting a new router for ADSL . The worst thing about it is that the story is not fiction, but is strictly based on real events . Facts suffered, specifically, by the author.

February 20: After a long search, you finally find a rental apartment in Madrid. The owner of the apartment has ADSL Internet with Tele2 . To save time, you decide to maintain that connection by changing the holder . You call the company to change the data.

February 21: The owner explains that, in the last reform, the Wifi router was stolen and calls Tele2 to request another . In Tele2 they ensure that shipping takes between 7 and 10 business days .


February 26: They send you the contract by letter to change the owner's data . The first name, last name, address and contact telephone number to send the router are wrong . You call Tele2 to ask them to change everything and they tell you to wait for them to send the corrected contract.

March 3: You call Tele2 again to see what happens to the router . The operator tells you it has been delayed by logistical problems . You mention, incidentally, that the contact telephone number for the shipment that appeared in the contract was wrong and that you already called to change it. Surprisingly, the change never took place . The operator corrects it again. Or so it seems.

March 6: The corrected contract arrives . The address and contact telephone number are still wrong . You call Tele2 to request that, for their deaths, they put the phone well, otherwise, they will not have a way to notify you when the router arrives. Third time you try to change the phone .

March 8: You buy a phone to at least take advantage of free calls to landlines. You discover that there is no line. You call Tele2 and the technical department informs you that the company's calls are made by voice over IP and that, without a router connected, there is no telephone .

So far we have tried to change a fairly simple data three times and the router still does not arrive, but we could still be lucky because 10 working days have not passed . We could think that it is just an understandable delay due to different circumstances and some other confusion. But no…


After 18 days without Internet and without a phone, our administrative odyssey continues with more calls to the customer service number . It is always possible to buy a router on our own to try to solve the problem. However, setting up a connection on a device that is not predetermined for use with a specific company is not always possible. The Tele2 soap opera continues ...

March 11: The lady from Tele2 assures you that they have placed an emergency notification in the case and that the router is already in Seur's hands . You call Seur out of curiosity, but they have no record of a router . You call Tele2 again and they tell you not to worry, the router will arrive without fail before the 14th .

March 12: You call again to remind them of your case. A Tele2 operator informs you that the router has already been sent but that no one was home and they have returned it . When you ask why you have not been notified, you discover that the telephone to give the notification is still wrong . Surprisingly, the shipping address is still wrong as well. You change the phone for the fourth time .

March 13: They were supposed to call you today to send the router, but nobody calls .

March 19: Tele2 calls to tell you that they have received an incident from a router not received . They tell you not to worry, that they have notified the corresponding department to deliver the router. They tell you that they will call on the 20th to arrange the delivery although, due to the bridge, it is most possible that they will deliver it on Saturday or Monday at the latest.


March 21: Cri-cri, cri-cri, cri-cri ”¦

March 25: You call Tele2 again , the operator tells you that the router was sent on Monday but that no one picked up the phone. On Monday, curiously, you have not received any calls . Fed up with everything, you request the discharge . Another operator is trying to convince you by offering you a 50% reduction on your bill for five months and ensuring that they can ship the router today and that it will arrive within seven to ten business days. That morning give yourself high with another company .

The moral of this story reminds us of the Tele2 slogan: "Why pay more?" . The answer is as simple as: "To obtain a service" ( and as we see, here Tele2 has promised a lot, but has not fulfilled anything at all).

This type of situation usually occurs when telephone assistance services are subcontracted to third parties to whom the client neither goes nor comes; or when the various departments of the company do anything but agree . The worst thing is that solving a case like this requires losing our usual number, since portability, despite the continuous complaints from consumers, continues to take between a month and a month and a half due to the resistance of companies to facilitate the process .

Photos: Graciolli / Seattle Municipal Archives / The Giant Vermin / Josh