The most expensive and crazy products we've seen on Amazon

The 80 euro Coca Cola, and other jewels that you can find on Amazon

"Buying online is always cheaper," someone said somewhere, once. And yes, it is usually true. However, and although the Internet is usually flooded with offers and cheaper prices, it also has absurdly expensive products . Amazon can be a good example, and that is not dedicated to auctions like Ebay. Nobody bids and the price remains unchanged. But even so, there are sellers who want to get a special slice of their products. Or maybe they get confused when publishing their product. Coca Cola at 80 euros. Panties at 4,400 euros. A book of secret cookery recipes for more than half a million euros ... Here we collect the most expensive and crazy we have come across.

The most expensive Coca Cola of your life

Surely you have suffered the abusive prices of a tourist restaurant or bar, or a used nightclub. All this is left behind when you stumble upon a 72-euro Coca Cola… Plus the 20 euros that shipping costs. Well, with a six-liter bottle pack . Although the price continues to hurt our portfolio. And what does this sugary drink have? Water from the Fountain of Youth? Well, of course she carries with her her secret formula and a lot of cheek from the seller who has placed the ad. And it is a pack to use. The same that you can find in any grocery store for a price 10 times less.

Coca cola 80 euros

In our search for information we decided to clarify the reason for this expensive drink in the comments section. After all, Amazon brings great value to purchases thanks to the opinions of other buyers. The surprise was capital. As much as the laugh that almost disarticulates our jaw. Faced with an "original" offer, we find the most eloquent comments . To show a button:

comments amazon coca cola 80 euros

Amazon expensive comment

The super panties

If Bridget Jones was already talking about the virtues of the girdle-panty, she forgot to mention its price. On Amazon they can be found for no less than 4,400 euros . And it is that they are XXL panties with a little more than one meter in diameter. In this case it is difficult for them to hide something, but they make sure to keep everything in place. Of course, do not look for lace, embroidery or decoration. They are large bright pink satin panties. We give thanks that they are not flesh-colored panties.

Amazon super panties

Leftovers for the rich

Who does not enjoy a good lasagna or some homemade croquettes? They are meals that, traditionally, are created from leftovers from previous days. In case you didn't know, there are also recipes made with yesterday's bread. They are collected in this book seen on Amazon: Homemade recipes with yesterday's bread , which you can get for the modest price of 854,586.31 euros . Almost nothing. Not even the Euromillions allow you to buy this book in installments. Of course, it is the hardcover version book. With a soft cover it goes down to 12 euros a thing. And it stays at 6 euros if we choose the version for Kindle, Amazon's electronic book. Hard cardboard has never cost so much.

amazon leftovers for rich

Fake designer Pokésocks

Pokéfans Alert! The most expensive Pokémon socks you can buy are here. Or that you can't, it depends on how buoyant your economy is. From (eye that I say from and not full price), 1,160 euros , you can get four pairs of socks with Pokémon faces. Pikachu, Charmander, Meowth, and Bulbasaur are available. A pity that Squirtle is missing, we would be willing to pay the difference to add it to the pack. Or not?

Amazon Pokémon socks

Yes, the design thing is the marketing tag to put an abusive price on an object that probably costs less than a euro to manufacture.

The telescopic nail clipper

Cutting your toenails can be a real pain. Bending, bending and twisting is not up to every human being. Well, that's over with this telescopic nail clipper. A curious tool that allows you to control the nail clipper from a distance. So there will be no more juggling to cut out this part of the anatomy. Of course, the invention must be sold little because in Amazon ask a whopping 641.45 euros . We do not know the results, and it is that nobody has come to rate this product on the page. Have they even gotten a sale?

amazon telescopic nail clipper

So much paper and so little money

Another of the ads that has left us misplaced on Amazon is this one for toilet paper. It is a six pack of 18 rolls. And yes, it is expensive. Much. In total they ask for 231.23 euros , at 34 euros each paper package. However, what has won us over has been the comment. We leave it down here. It is capable of exciting you “the forbidden”, as its creator says ”¦ Simply great.

Amazon luxury paper

Pay for an expensive laptop and take a car and a model

Many of these ads have a clear problem: they are poorly written. Whoever publishes them is confused when it comes to setting the price or defining what goes into the package. It is what happens with this Asus laptop. It may seem like you're paying almost $ 28,000 for a 2-in-1 convertible , laptop, and tablet. The thing is, when he comes home to you, he does it with a Dodge Viper and a Victoria ”™ s Secret model. Not to mention the 5 invitations to the Arzak restaurant. Then the price makes more sense.

Amazon Asus laptop

Luxury reggaeton

There is a record on Amazon that can make you dance. But it is not because of the music it contains, but because of the hole it leaves in your bank account. The purchase is for 2,205.13 euros . In exchange you get the album entitled Another level of music by Jí lvarez. Of course, for that price it seems that you pay for the plastic, the recording of the album, the logistics and part of the salary of all those who are involved in the creative and production process. If you are short of money, we recommend buying it in MP3 for 10 euros. Much cheaper, where does it end up?

Amazon reggaeton luxury