The WhatsApp function with which you will know if you are getting a hoax

The WhatsApp function with which you will know if you are getting a hoax

WhatsApp, one of the most popular messaging apps in the world, continues to fight hoaxes and Fake News that are sent and forwarded to a large number of users. On many occasions these messages bring misinformation to the reader or can even be malicious. Facebook, the company belonging to WhatsApp, has already tried different features to avoid hoaxes. Now, a new function that allows us to know if the news forwarded is real or not is reaching all users of the app . That's how it works.

The truth is that this new feature to find out if a hoax has been forwarded to us is quite practical and simple. It is a button that allows us to search the internet if that message is real or not . The purpose of this function is to facilitate the search for that message or news forwarded. The button, shaped like a magnifying glass, will appear on the side of the message. When pressed, WhatsApp will open the Google search engine with the headline of the news or a text that refers to the message. In Google results will appear that will reveal if that message is a hoax or is a real news.

Many portals are dedicated to checking if that message or news is real or is it a fake. Therefore, the first search results will already show us if that news or message is a hoax. 

Now available to everyone

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At the moment, this option is reaching all WhatsApp users in different countries, including Spain . You just have to update the app to the latest version and wait for WhatsApp to activate the function for you. It could take a few days, so don't worry if it still doesn't appear. The icon will only appear on messages that have the forwarded alert. This badge is another of the measures that WhatsApp implemented to fight against hoaxes, since this way the user who receives the message can know if the sender has written it or has simply 'copied and pasted' it or shared it from another chat.

Another of the measures that WhatsApp implemented is to limit the number of users to whom we can forward that message . Personally, it seems to me that the new function of looking for the hoax through the internet is the most practical. The user only has to press the magnifying glass button to check it and click on any of the results to know the veracity of the message.

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